Game over on global warming? { LA Times}

Everybody in the United States could switch from cars to bicycles. The Chinese could close all their factories.Europe could give up electricity and return to the age of the lantern.But all those steps together would not come close to stopping global warming….

Closing all fossil-fuel-powered electricity plants worldwide and replacing them with windmills, solar panels and nuclear power plants would make a serious dent — a 39% reduction globally, Marland said.His calculation doesn’t include all the fossil fuels that would have to be burned to build the greener facilities, though. …The United States accounts for nearly a quarter of the carbon dioxide released each year, according to government statistics. China, in second at about 15%, is gaining fast.If the rest of the world returned to the Stone Age, carbon concentrations would still rise….”

As a citizen, each of us has an opportunity to make a difference,” he said Friday after the release of the U.N. report.He urged people to use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which provide the same light as a standard bulb on two-thirds of the energy. Replacing one standard light bulb in every U.S. home would prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.Tips from TerraPass Inc. of Menlo Park, Calif., include going back to clotheslines.

The company, which promotes alternative energy, says eliminating a family’s dryer could save electricity equivalent to 1,016 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
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