planting-1.jpg Urban farmer, Justin, plants a bunch of soil blocks

planting-2.jpg Planting our own saved seeds from last years garden in the soil blocks

planting-3.jpgAh, caught ya! Underneath the cap, he cracks that million dollar smile!

Like to make your own soil blocks? Here’s what you’ll need.

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  1. Simply.Belinda says:

    Hi Anias,

    I have never seen those soil block makers in Australia its a very interesting concept.

    One question that I have is what makes the soil stay as separate blocks when they are watered? If they do amalgamate together are they reasonably easy to separate for planting?

    Kind Regards

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Belinda

    The soil blocks stay relatively separate. Each block is it’s own “soil cell” Of course you have to keep them relatively moist and when transplanting time comes we use a simple kitchen spatula to scoop them up and plant the individual cells either in the ground or pots. The spatula also helps with dividing up the soil blocks that do happen to stick together.

    Hope I’ve answered your questions.


    BTW: kudos on your completely 100ft meal. I’ll be posting your growing/eating achievement tomorrow.

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