Pizza Party

Hey guys:Thanks so much for a great night at the Cob Oven Pizza Party. I learned so much in a compressed time frame from being able to see all the different things you have in place at the house. Not to mention the overall great energy from a bunch of nice people in one place.Best Regards,Christopher

Over 40 people attended the celebratory pizza party yesterday. The cob oven and natural pizzas were a hit of the evening! The cob oven heated about 20 pizzas that night, reaching up to 475 degrees (it could have been hotter had we taken off the chimney and plugged the top vent to keep the heat in). Justin manned the oven, taking out pizzas faster than they could be devoured.   The atmosphere was was electric with people chatting and eating in a backyard garden setting .   As the sun set, candles and lanterns were lit and glass torches that burned homebrewed biodiesel transformed the backyard into a cozy setting, especially with the straw mulch covering the ground one felt transported back to simpler, by-gone days.

A special thanks to Ray (whose passion made the cob oven possible) and to Alison Herson of American Flatbread Company who generously donated delicious, organic wood-fired pizzas for this event and all those contributed to the amazing potluck table.   Thanks to the three guitarist (Allan, Gabriel & Sascha) who serenaded the evening with lovely music. Also thanks to those who helped with cleaning the dishes afterwards.

This is what community is all about!

FYI:American Flatbread Company can be purchased at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Gelson, Bristol Farms and other select grocers.