It’s been a busy week here on the urban homestead – working bees, planting summer veggies, preserving and more.  What more could a busy bee ask for but purposeful work that fills our days.

The camera these days is my constant companion since there’s so much goings on everywhere I turn.

So without further ado, another collection of photos taken yesterday.


Lady Fairlight checks out all the action going on around the homestead.  New bee boxes and our old top bar hive in the background.

Outdoor solar shower is in use!

Working boots and chicken coop.

Sunflowers at sunset

Golden sage

Beneficial border of wildflowers plant on the parkway

Flowering cilantro

Salmon colored hibiscus at sunset

In the kitchen

Front yard farming – herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and fruit

Clay pot irrigation bed, earth oven and two of our solar composter (right) The beans and tomatoes are starting to climb — soon it’s going to a jungle!

CA grown goodies – a gift from the “Tangerine Man” Thank you!  I think I just ate a dozen or so pixies yesterday – they are soooooo good.

Justin and David bring back more bee supplies!

And that afternoon,  in a few hours, Justin whipped up some more supers

When Farmer D comes back from his road trip (he’s just gone to pick up about 120 ollas fyi- for those of you who order we should have them packed and shipped either Friday or Tuesday) there’s going be some hive splitting going on.  Stay tuned!

Our tabby cat checks in on the goings on.   Hey, kitty, lend a hand, will you!

Nah, me work?  You got to be kidding!  I am just going to take a siesta here in the shade and let you humans do all the work around here.


  1. Mary in Oklahoma says:

    I love the picture posts!! Especially the house and outbuildings – they help me get a better perspective of the layout of your place. I am trying to mentally picture a site plan/plot drawing of your surroundings. You have used every square inch to the max and I admire that.

    The chicken coop photo is great! What lucky ducks [& chicks] to have such a welcoming enclosure and coop.

    Please keep the pictures coming – they are a breath of fresh air.

  2. Michelle says:

    Once again, gorgeous photos! I love the chicken coop…and the shower…it’s amazing what you all have done with your property. There’s hope for us yet. I just have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day…and neither was LHC…and neither will MY homestead. Patience…right?! Have a great day…

  3. ~~Melissa says:

    I love the photo posts too. I find them both enjoyable and informative. And Lady Fairlight cracks me up.

  4. LittleAntFarm says:

    There’s always so much going on at your place. The photos give a great sense of all that is happening and I too wonder how you fit all this onto your small plot. Would be nice to see a birdseye map of where it all goes. I applaud your ingenuity of using small spaces to the max. Great job!

  5. Michelle (GardeningMichelle) says:

    Another great post!! I love seeing everything that is going on! It may seem like everyday life to you, but some of us have to live vicariously through you! LOL

  6. angie says:

    Is flowering cilantro edible?

  7. DoubleD says:

    The new bee hives look very well constructed. Justin is obviously quite a skilled craftsman. Good work!

    The photos are inspiring and educational – I too get alot of information by “observing” what is happening on your homestead. Lady Fairlight is quite “royal” in her demeanor – her name suits her.

  8. Beegirl says:

    Looks wonderful! Your chicken coop is adorable. Best of luck with your hives!

  9. Nancy says:

    As always, I am amazed at how your garden is not only productive, but very beautiful. You are not only gardeners but artists.

    Fairlight is such a beautiful name – did you get it from a book I loved years ago, Christy?

    I covet the outdoor shower. Do you have plans? I would love to make one – even a less pretty version, as I (currently anyway) have no carpentry skills.


  10. Susan says:

    Wow. I simply can’t believe how pleasing to the eye your place is. Is there ever something ugly around your house?? Or dirty?? I wish mine looked like yours. I’ve lived here for going on 11 years but only began caring for the yard since last year, other than weed eating the grasses and weeds when they got more than knee high. A little at a time, I guess.

  11. Lily says:

    Angie – flowering cilantro is edible, and lovely. You can also let it go to seed and then collect them as they dry and you’ll have the spice coriander (if you’ve never had it freshly cracked/ground from whole it is absolutely fabulous)!

    Anais – thanks for another great post. Your place is such an inspiration!

    • deb parker says:

      Flowering cilantro – English word is Coriander and it is all edible.
      Including the seeds

  12. Sarah DiPier says:

    I always love your photographs. you should put together a calendar or coffee table book. I know I would buy a few!

  13. PB says:

    I love the photo posts too. I find them both enjoyable and informative. And Lady Fairlight cracks me up.

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