Justin picking the salad greens

Me picking the snow peas

Washing off the radishes

Getting it all packed in time for the courier service

Taping it up and off it goes!

When the folks from Oprah called and wanted to feature clips from our homemade production HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION we were like “you can’t be serious.”  Of course they said they couldn’t guarantee the piece running but as it got closer to Oprah Earth Day Special the more it seemed likely it would air.

On Tuesday they called and set up a same day courier pick up and delivery – they picked up the produce at 10 am and it was delivered to Chicago by 7 pm the same day!   Oprah‘s production crew wanted homegrown produce from the urban farm so they could show it off in studio.

So we picked and packed a few things we had growing here in the garden and shipped it off to Chicago.   Some edible flowers, salad mix, bunch of kale, carrots, daikon, french breakfast radish and snow peas.  Yep those were our snow peas Oprah was eating live on the show!

Interested it growing varieties that we are growing here on “little patch of Eden?”  We offering seeds at FREEDOMSEEDS.org


  1. 1916home.net says:

    How did you guys ship to preserve the freshness overnight? Any sort of insulation?

  2. ~~Melissa says:

    From your garden to Oprah’s lips! Sweet. I really want Oprah to do a full hour on sustainable urban farming. I’m going to write her today (there’s a ‘suggest a topic for a show’ link on her site). I hope others will do this too.

    In my area there are efforts now underway to formalize (by law) urban hen keeping and the arguments against it are inaccurate and fear-based. This has spun out into criticisms of growing one’s own food. Sigh! There’s so much educating to be done.

    Munch on!

  3. Janice says:

    wow that’s awesome, now that’s good eats!

  4. Justine in Seattle says:

    Hi, I don’t watch Oprah, but a few days before you guys were on her show, I saw an email in one of the gardening discussion groups I read about your family on oprah, so I checked out your web site and then watched oprah that night. I was very inspired by what you are doing on your small plot. I live in seattle and grow a lot of food for my husband and myself on our small 5000 sq ft lot and also in a community garden down the street, but I had been getting discouraged and wanting for more land, and sun… after watching your video on oprah, I have renewed my commitment to myself to do the most with what I have – there is no better place to start than where you are. Thanks for setting an example, and for the reminder!

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