As promised we are going to be giving you updates when new sections come online at Today the new PHOTO GALLERY went up that has, get this, over 1,500 photos (and we aint done yet — see the “please note” why)

So tell everyone – your friends, family, etc!  The photos are back!

Please note: we started work on the new photo gallery platform two years ago and haven’t really worked on it since (got busy)  So we have a lot of catching up to do!  Yep, there’s two years (2007-2009) worth of some of our best photos still to be added/uploaded so please hold on to your hats — they are coming!

And this note from Jordanne’s Facebook page

“It has some major styling issues, layout problems and missing other things to make it better… but the Gallery is up. I decided to let it go live for your weekend browsing pleasure. It has been tested on all major browsers and run through browser… so if you can’t see it, PLEASE, please, please upgrade your browsers. I can’t support old browers… I’d go nuts. Otherwise, please be patient with me”

With the new gallery online I hope that spurs me to get uploading all the new pics by the end of August so keep checking the photo gallery for uploads.

I can say that the photo gallery is our pride and joy.  Simply because, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and our collection of photos can only be worth a couple million words!

Everywhere we go,  whether be a Earth Day exhibit or giving a power point presentation it’s the photos that attract the most attention.   I’ve seen people sit for 1/2 hr or more mulling over the binders of photos that we have available on the exhibit table.  Once at one of our presentations,  someone questioned us if we were “using stock photos.”  So from then on, we had to say that every photo was taken by us and our place.

These photos (there in the photo gallery and here at LHITC) show our urban homestead’s evolution over the last 25 years and is certianly the biggest collection of urban homestead and urban farming photos on the internet.

These photos, literally, are our living book in action and how we turned this ordinary home into a productive urban farm and operating urban homestead — one step at a time.

Now you can see the fruits of our labor and yours (via your purchases and donations) come to fruition.  So sit back and enjoy and don’t forget –  if you like all these improvements then consider helping us help you help others.

And don’t forget the best is yet to come!


  1. ruthie says:


  2. Chiot's Run says:

    YAY – I’m always excited to see new photos of your beautiful edible estate!

  3. girlgroupgirl says:

    EXCELLENT JOB!!! WOW, that is a LOT of work, and I think it looks pretty darned good.


  4. Shirley says:

    Wonderful gallery! And it answered a question for me. I just knew that the first time I saw your site years ago there was another young man. And behold – Jeremy. Now maybe the other picture I remember from way back will turn up also. It may have been Jordan, that’s what I’m guessiing, with short hair. Or it could have been someone else entirely. Seems like she was squated down beside the cob oven.

    Your pictures have always thrilled me here in your journal. The gardens, the animals, the people, and sensible gadgets. They are so much easier to browse through over there it would be hard to imagine it getting better, except for the past 2 years of course.

    You are an amazing family!

  5. Candace says:

    Love the photo gallery! Great job!

  6. Charles LM says:

    Very nice photos. Viewing them brings to mind a number of questions about the details of how you do what you do. (Which plants the trellises are for, ect.) Now you really ought to write a book to explain it all!

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