Pedal powered grain mill

Q. I am a student of social change and appropriate technology, and inspiring homesteader in Maine. We just built a cob oven here at our farm, and are planning to start a bakery in the spring. We have been grinding our flour by hand for many years, and with the increase of bread production, want a bicycle mill. I found pictures of your home and and pedal power projects and was wondering if you would share some advice on building a bicycle mill. Just a few more pictures would be incredibly helpful. Your website
is lovely. Thanks for the ideas!

A. For the pedal powered grain mill we started out purchasing the Country
Living Grain Mill and attaching it to a old bike
See details here

You can see more photos of our bike grain mill at

Unfortunately, there are no really sites on the internet that offer
step-by-step instructions. We put our pedal powered grain mill together
by copying what we saw in a photo from a magazine.

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