Pedal powered grain mill and blender

Q. Hi – we met last weekend. I am the one who asked you about the pedal power (bicycle station) and you replied to e-mail you. Here is the request – please let me know about it – how it works, what does it take to make it happen, cost etc.

Thanks. Israel

A. Thank you for your email. We really enjoyed spending time with the concerned citizens of our community. Also, we are deeply thankful for your very generous donation. We truly appreciate your kindness.

Here are a few links to pedal power references:

Pedal Powered Grain Mill

This is the model we used. The mill costs around $300, the bike was free and we needed a few other basic parts from the hardware store – that’s it! You can see a larger photo of our bike mill at

Pedal Power Latest News

Pedal Powered Blender

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