Our bike blender was used to blend some wonderful smoothies for the girls at Westridge School here in Pasadena this morning.

Thanks for the invite LM!  Really glad we could be apart of the ground breaking ceremony for your LEEDs certified science building.  Congrats.

Everyone had a blast!


  1. Gayle Fleming says:

    What a nice Sunday morning discovery through twitter. I will keep coming back to your site. And, oh yes, pedal power rocks.

  2. gaiasdaughter says:

    Anais, I’ve just been catching up on my reading and was intrigued by the post on Jules’ composting lecture. I find the whole composting thing a bit daunting — so many methods, so many potential directions to go. Do you all offer any kind of pamphlet? If you don’t, would you consider writing one up (in all your spare time . . . heh!)? I would be happy to purchase something of the kind.

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