The first MAY PRIDE peaches of the season!

Strawberries, peaches and now honey! We are truly blessed with such a homegrown goodies. “We’re eatin’ good in the neighborhood!”

It’s certainly a challenge to mix fruit trees and sun loving vegetables all on one tiny plot. One can’t have fruit trees competing with vegetables, so here on the urban homestead we grow semi dwarf fruits trees using the ‘Backyard Orchard‘ method of growing fruit in compact urban spaces. Though we’ll never obtain a massive harvest of fruit as, say, from a regular sized fruit tree, it’s enough for our family’s needs. We are still trying to push the envelope on how much we can squeeze in, so it’s going to be an interesting challenge to see if we can Grow for 10k. Even if we don’t make our goal, we will have succeeded in challenging ourselves to make better use of growing spaces.

On the home-preservation front, we’ve been dusting off those empty glass jars preparing for the onslaught of the upcoming summer harvest.

The challenge this year for us, besides growing more, is to preserve more so that we have more homegrown eats in the fall and wintertime. Not to mention these homegrown-preserves make great gifts.

More of our homegrown efforts coming your way….

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  1. Melissa says:

    yum, those peaches made me smile.

  2. Alec says:

    Those peaches look delicious. Your food is vastly superior to the ‘chemical junk’ that serve at a certain chain restaurant that has the slogan, “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood” !

  3. Laura says:

    Hi Dervaes family!
    Just wanting to let you know how much I’m enjoying exploring your site and journal. Your home/yard is beautiful and so is your website. I loved the Nightline piece. I’m “on the path” to changing the ways we do things in my family, though a lot further behind y’all! Thanks for all the inspiration and information you provide.

    Best wishes and blessings,

  4. Deidre' says:

    Those peaches look awesome!
    Just wanted to say what an inspiration you all are to those of us wishing for a homestead. I was inspired to grow something. So I have planted a container garden in my small back yard. Traditionally you think unless you have a large acreage you can’t have a garden, but you are proving that wrong. I am amazed each time I visit your website. Keep sharing the good work!

  5. Kerr says:

    First peaches—Shehechyanu!

    I’m rooting for you folks to blow past the 10K mark.

  6. Kory says:

    well that does it, I’m buying those pawpaw trees this weekend. enough excuses. You continue to inspire.

  7. Sharon says:

    Beautiful! Our peaches are coming along–a little bigger than a golf ball now.

    Like Kerr, I am rooting for you to make 10K history. Maybe we could all help make the 10K a different kind of sport 🙂 .

    One thing I wanted to recommend to anyone who is preserving is to dry more items. If you use solar drying racks, it’s energy free. If you live in a place where it’s humid at night, take the racks in at night and put them back out during the day. It also takes less storage space to store the preserved food. As a bonus it’s great for backpacking light. Anais, you may also be able to oven dry some items as your oven is in the cooler stages after cooking something else. Wood fired smoke flavored foods add a taste of summer in the winter too. Besides the usual smoky peppers and tomatoes, smoked peaches are good too.

  8. Gloria says:

    Gracias me encanto la pagina

    Gloria GARZA

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