We are on a canning spree here on the urban homestead and it looks like it won’t let up anytime soon.  Today we put up some tomato sauce and sweet pickle relish (pictures coming…. probably Sunday)

This week the peaches have ripen and peaches means jam and a few (er bunch) eaten raw.  Covered in sticky sweet peach juice we are.

Our goatsies love the peels (have to make sure there are no pits – pits could mean disaster!) and they devour the scraps up.

Certainly they aren’t the only one that’s benefiting from our canning efforts – the chickens and duck also get in on the action .  Nothing is wasted here on the urban homestead!

If you would like to get in the canning action we have a few supplies that can assist you with your preservation efforts.  Check out for canning kits, the nifty non electric food processor (shown below), food mill that’s great for making sauces and even the new Art of Canning DVD by the West Ladies are now available.


  1. says:

    Your post brings new meaning to “kiddie pron” which is illegal! Haha. All the photos look great. Your family is such an inspiration to all. THANKS!

  2. Alice says:

    Just an FYI did you know that if you dip the peaches in hot, boiling water, then in cold water the skins will slip off. I know less for the goats and chicks but means more for you to eat. That is the most important part in this house.

  3. Ann Erdman says:

    Ooh, I want cobbler!

  4. Aspen says:

    I just love to see the goaties munching away! My favorite was the post with goats in the kitchen, begging for green beans! Here’s hoping I’ll have some goats in the spring!

    Your peaches look amazing.

  5. Carl says:

    The little goats are just so cute! And the peaches look so good too. reminds me of canning with my Grandma when I was a kid. Your site/project is so cool and very inspiring.

    Love and Peace,

  6. CE says:

    Sticky hands, arms, floors and counters, it’s fruit canning time.
    Not to deny your sweeties their peels, have you tried simmering the peels in water to make juice and then straining that and adding just a touch of sugar ( or not) and canning the peach slices in that?Process in a boiling water bath. In the winter your have summer in a jar for your mouth. 🙂
    Or for those who love their freezers, make peach pie and bag in a freezer bag and freeze it raw. This is also great for all those extra apples (extra?) Pull it out and bake and eat.
    Or heat the canned fruit slices with a bit of spice for a warm breakfast in the winter. With a bit of ginger on the pears, cinnamon or allspice on the peaches or pie spice on the apples it is like pie without the guilt (unless you add cream or ice cream of course).
    Happy sticky season to all.

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