Front yard in May

Edenism by Owen (courtesy Peaknik Blog)

. ..the Serpent was saying

a) I’ll show you how to turn this wild mess Eden into palaces and gardens, and

b) I’ll show you how to really use your brains, justlike God does so you can one day be your own gods!

This is fairly well paralleled by Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion” where bad-guy Melkoralways wants to destroy what is beautiful….

If you’re still with me, it really seems to me that if our high-tech civilization is indeed just the latest phase of Serpent’s bargain, wow! …

And could it be that we were built for Eden, and anything outside of Eden “voids the warranty?” That is, we really can’t succeed outside of an Eden anyway.

Maybe St. Francis, Clare, Thoreau, Gandhi, John the Baptist, all the other rewilded hermits sort of felt this, but didn’t spell it out so black and white….

We’re all but totally weaned off God, totally outside of Eden and just now the oil window is swinging shut. T

he erpent has tricked us into all but totally destroying Eden in a search for these castles and gardens he spun into our minds, and tricked us nto believing our minds when bent to science and logic could make us His equals.