Thanks for the concerned emails regarding our relatives in New Orleans. Thankfully our relatives have evacuated but from the reports 80% of New Orleans is under water (Great-Aunt’s house included).   Our last visit there was in October ’04 to visit our ill grandmother who just recently passed awayearly this year (her house is probably underwater from what I can tell being that it’s near Lake Pontchartrain).

There’s a lot of history with our family in that part of the South and everyone there (and Mississippi) is in our thoughts and prayers.

This tragedy really puts life in perspective.

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  1. Kosh says:

    Anais, Your comment of “This tragedy really puts life in perspective” is so true. A good friend of mine just purchased a house in the Lake Pontchartrain area of New Orleans in July. He has been stuck at work at the childrens hospital since Sunday. He fears he may have lost his new home, all his belongings and his cats. The worst part is he will not be able to get home to find out for sure for another few days. It made me realize my problems I’ve been complaining about are trivial in comparison.


  2. Anais says:

    Hi Jason

    So very true! Just the other day we were complaining of the heat – that’s nothing compared to what these poor folks are going through.

    Please keep us posted on your friend. We have a strong love and connection with New Orleans and our hearts ache to see the destruction.

    My grandmother passed away in Feb otherwise her house and all our family’s history, pictures and antiques would have been ruined (now safe her with us and my Uncle). Her home was located in and old part Metairie near Lake Pontchartrain.

    Our heartfelt sympathies go out to all those who are being effected by this tragedy.

  3. Wildside says:

    Sympathies from us here too… Just returned from a few days getaway (and made a donation to the Red Cross for their efforts) but even with our eye off the news, couldn’t escape seeing the damage and destruction photos on the front pages of small town papers so far away from New Orleans…

  4. Wildside says:

    Catching a small bit of news this AM after being without for several days and am just shocked! Not only by the magnitude of widespread damage from this storm, but also by lack of our government’s immediate aid response…

    My heart goes out to those people…