Fall harvest

We are shocked and saddened to hear that Carla Emery suddenly passed away.
Her extensive book The Encyclopedia of Country Living has been a valuable asset to our small homestead library and regularly referred to.

I was just on her website on a few days ago, wanting to find information how how to book a speaking engagement with her here at PTF. Sadly, this will never happen.  The world will miss her enthusiasm and pioneer spirit.

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Fall Harvest

Moving onto the trivial happenings here on the homestead…

The volunteer monster squash vine turned out to what looks like a pumpkin mixed with a hubbard – dubbed “humpkin.” Looking forward to making some pies and baked squash with this year’s harvest especially in the cob oven.

The sweet potatoes should be ready soon. The plants look great and we’re hoping that means there will be a substantial harvest.  

A few pomegranates and pink guavas will be ready to eat soon – can’t wait! Jerusalem artichokes are being dug up and stored for the winter months.   The snow peas are halfway up their trellises and we are looking forward to these sweet treats.  

Seed bags

Seed Saving

It’s time to save seeds once again!

We cut the seeding stalks and placed them in paper bags to dry. After a few weeks, the seeds have dried and by shaking the bag most of the seeds fall to the bottom.  Then we place the dried seeds in glass containers, sprinkle a bit of DE (diatomaceous earth) and store for next year.

We find this a simple way to save seeds.

It’s another warm day here on theurban homestead; garden is growing, busy with work, in a few hours kids from across the street will visit “their farm” — life is good, we are blessed.

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  1. Siri says:

    I just came across your site today. I’ll have to check it out further.
    Although some of the ideas might not be applicable here in our climate, many of them hold true anywhere. We grow a hops vine up a trellis of wires on the West side of our house and it cools it considerably each summer, shading us from the afternoon and evening sun.
    So sorry to hear that news about Carla Emery. She spoke at the high school in our small town in northern Montana about 7 years ago. She was a strong and inspiring woman.