I had a different title for this post, but changed it after describing the last photo in the sequence. I couldn’t help but start humming a retro TV tune to myself. You’ve been warned!

Urban farmer, Justin, on top the simple, cinder block compost pile at the back end of the property

With pitchfork in hand, time to take the mountain down before it tops the wall

Look at all that “black gold.” Oh dear, I feel a ditty coming on and strong!

Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Ju; a simple pioneer, who kept his family fed

And then one day he was growin’ some food

When up from the ground come a mountin’ of doo…soil, that is. Black gold. Earthy.

Well, the next thing you know, ol’ Ju’s a ‘farmer extraordinaire

His kinfolks said, ‘Ju, please give us a share!’ They said ‘Californey is the place we oughtta be’, so he and his family stayed near Beverly…Hills, that is.

Swimmin’ pools…movie stars.

– The original ditty courtesy The Beverly Hillbillies

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  1. PhoenixJen says:

    I was warned – but I took no heed. Now that song is on perpetual loop in my head…..

    I’ll never be able to look at my compost pile again without the soundtrack starting up in the background.


  2. M says:

    So… that makes you as an herbalist and maker of vittles “(Gr) Annie” and Jordanne “Ellie Mae” with the critters? I love it!


  3. Becky L. says:

    Oh, toooo funny! BTW, the ducklings are enjoying
    a bit of Maryland sunshine today! We’re celebrating
    a break from the rain!

  4. Debbie says:

    Ohhhhhhh…..that was so good! Being that I am considered a hillbilly and I live in Appalachia I must say
    “I’m right proud of ye……you done good!”

    All kidding aside, I really enjoy all the info you provide on your website. Thank you for being such a great example to all of us and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

    Your hillbilly friend,


  5. Jennifer says:

    well, living in los angeles, celebrity sightings are a pretty common occurence. but today was the best celebrity sighting of all.

    i was sittin’ in traffic this evening on the 134 when i spied a big ole black biodiesel SUV in the next lane over, driven by none other than ‘farmer d’ himself!! that put a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  6. Anais says:

    Hello All!
    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    A special hello to our “hillbilly” friend Debbie. 😉

    And one to Jennifer! FYI “Farmer D” and Ellie Mae (sorry, Jordanne) were on their way to UCLA to give a presentation.

    What’s amazing to me it that we rarely travel the freeways and when we do PTF is spotted by a reader. How cool is that – certainly is a small world!

    Come to think of it we do have a lot in common with our dang hillbilly tv counterparts. Jed, the practical one seeing the family through all the confounded modern ways. Ellie Mae is so much like Jordanne caring for all the critters. Jethro a spittin image of Justin strong and doing all the chores (though I have to say Justin is much more intelligent!) Me, well, I could just as well be Granny (I was called that once by my friend when I was wearing a skirt and boots) mixing up herbal potions and cooking vittles fer her family.

    Ya” come back now ya hear.


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