Platters of tea sandwiches


Food police report. On Thursday, Dec 20 urban homesteader Jordanne Dervaes was spotted in the produce section of a local market. In her in possession was non homegrown produce as listed: hot house cucumber, radish, tomato and bib lettuce.   She has  pleaded no contest. Sentencing phase is next month, her lawyer will requestrehab at a local urban farm.   Wonder which one might that be?

Coming back from the store, Jordanne exclaimed that she was glad she didn’t run into any she knew or she’d have a lot of explaining to do!   The reason for our very rare visit to the produce section of our local grocer was to pick up some stuff for our knitting mentor.   She gave us some grocery money and requested for Jordanne & I to make her favorite cookies and tea sandwiches, she also wanted bib lettuce to line the sandwich platters.   I have to say her sandwich menu request is much better than the sandwiches she requested the last time that were mostly deli meats – turkey, ham and roast beef. It’s definitely a step in the right, more healthful, direction and not only that, with our working at a tea shop, we’ve learned a few things about making sandwiches for high tea.   

Although I would have really liked the vegs to come from our garden sometimes you just have to respect the elders when their heart is set on something. I had made some cucumber sandwiches for our knitting mentor’s party one year (with homegrown cucumbers from our garden) and she had her heart set on them for her holiday party. You don’t argue with someone who’s 83 or lecture about what’s in season, local and so forth. It’s just not the time or place to put a damper on her spirit. I could have spared a few tomatoes from our garden, but with the wet weather recently there we just a few that were ripe and those I was saving for our Friday meal. I did however, get to use a few items from our garden like cress, red mustard, celery, chives and pea shoots/tendrils.

All yesterday morning we were busy. Jordanne whipped up a batch of cranberry oatmeal cookies and double chocolate oatmeal cookies (using our own homeraised eggs and organic ingredients)    I made up the four different tea sandwiches : cream cheese, chive and cucumber, follow by cheese and tomato, then two types of egg salad sandwich one with cress and the other with radish.   We arrived early at her home to help her set up and such. Once again our cookies and sandwiches were a hit with the ladies who completely demolished the trays of sandwiches and gave us nothing but positive reviews.

P.S. You’ll notice these delicate little sandwhiches are absent of their gorgeous golden brown crusts. Having been raised not to waste and of the opinion that crust are the best part of a sandwhich, I took home a bag of crust for the guys to nibble. And the lettuce that lined the platter were given to the chickens and ducks.

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  1. Anita says:

    Your sandwiches look absolutely delicious!

  2. Susan says:

    Pea shoots? Are they like bean sprouts? I’ve never heard of them before. The sandwiches look wonderful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL! I wish I had seen you in the store, Jordanne. I would have understood and you would not have had to explain a thing. 😉

  4. lavonne says:

    Darn, why did I read this hungry? Now I have to make sandwiches.

  5. crystal says:

    Ok… so I’m going to need a recipe for the egg salad. 🙂