Partial shade vine

Q. I am working to establish my own homestead here in Altadena.   My biggest motivation is a love for gardening and nature but more importantly to feed my daughter well.  In the process of setting up growing space I am trying to maximize it.  I have a west facing wall that receives sunlight from early morning until about two and then hides in the shade.  I want to cover the wall because it is an unsightly cement structure but the goal is to produce food.  I was hoping you might have a suggestion of such a plant, tree, vine or bush that could produce with the limited direct sunlight.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate your documentation of your work.  It has been an amazing guide for me.  I feel a bit like a groupee.  🙂

A. We have a similar situation (with same amount of sunlight), except the wall is our house (which we like to shade to cool the interior of the living room). We’ve planted a passion fruit vine (green all year around and gives tasty fruit).

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