The weather’s turned hot, looks like summer is finally here (fortunately temps are expected cool down over the weekend). The heat is good news for the tomatoes and other warm weather crops.   The container tomatoes continue to grow taller and taller….  One reader emailed and asked: Instead of “Jack & the Beanstalk” is there a “Justin & the Tomato Plant” book in the works?  Fee-fi-fo-fum!

Justin brewed 30 gallons of biodiesel this week which will keep our car going for a month.  

I help plant the next batch of summer crops – cukes, squash and slow bolt lettuces for the next round of succession plantings.   Our first peach was harvested the other day – almost time for peach pies and ice cream.  Hopefully, we’ll have a decent crop that we will be able to preserve for the fall and winter. 

It’s been a busy week with getting things ready for Deborah Koons Garcia (widow of the legendary Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead) and the screening of The Future of Food & Bike Summer Eco Ride on Sunday. After the screening we will be serving a vegan/vegetarian dinner that will be catered by one of our clients, she will be using fresh produce from our garden.  This morning we are off to pick up some food/drink that’s been generously donated by our local Wild Oats for this event. 

We’ve outgrown our cozy garage space because these events keep getting more attendees. We are expecting nearly 100 for TFOF screening on Sunday so we are renting a room at the school across the street. Wouldn’t it be neat to have a PTF Sustainable Institute with large facility rooms? One can dream?

This will probably be our last “big” event, we plan on taking the summer off to concentrate on finishing up and starting a few new projects.