There’s another pictorial “Around the Urban Homestead” in queue, but, before we jump back into featuring all the homestead happenings, hope everyone had a wonderful and productive holiday with family, friends.

Our two grandfathers served in the war and one relative is listed on the Vietnam Wall. So in between all the food and fellowship, we take a moment  to remember them, their efforts and sacrifice.

Keeping things close to home, on Monday we hosted our annual picnic in the park that included great food, fellowship and goats!

Jordanne whipped up some tasty chocolate brownies (using duck eggs that make the brownies extra moist and gooey!)

After taking stock of what was in the garden, I made some slaw and salad featuring what was in season here at the homestead.    A friend had given us some meyer lemons so whipped up a batch of lemonade and I put in a few sprigs of lemon verbena to give it a more herbal, fruity flavor – mmmm.

Veggie slaw: homegrown red cabbage, turnips, carrots and fennel

Homegrown kale, strawberry and nasturtium salad

Food spread

Dig in!

Catching up on news

Hugging Blackberry

Walking off all that food

Under the Colorado Bridge

Hanging out under the 134 freeway

Enjoying the outdoors and beautiful weather

What did you do this holiday weekend?


  1. Laura @ Getting There says:

    Looks like a wonderful picnic! We didn’t have a holiday weekend here in Canada–our was the weekend prior, when we had Victoria Day. We didn’t have a picnic, but we did enjoy some extra relaxation!

  2. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Loved all the pictures. The food looks delicious!

    We had a cookout and time of games and fellowship with our church family & friends. We had some rain off and on but it wasn’t too much to deter us from having a wonderful time.

  3. Cindie K. says:

    We put up our gazebo by the creek, planted a small garden, did yard work, and had family up for a cook-out. The tortoises loved the holiday, too! As did our dog. Loved your pictures. Was there a dog in one of them? Or have you graduated to three goats?

  4. Mercye says:

    Our weekend didn’t turn out like we had planned. Our son in law who has taken over so much of the gardening as therapy, ended up in Holy Cross Hosp. with pneumonia on top of his asthma. We really miss him.

  5. Chris says:

    Hubby spent the weekend trying to build a protective critter cage around our small organic strawberry bed. I companion planted the bionic freedomseeds.org peapods just behind the bed. The peapods are now approaching the top of the trellis (approx. 4 feet high) with an huge array of purple blossoms. I still have visions of Justin and Jordanne on a ladder harvesting them. My OGMA told me to thin out the plants, but I refused wanting to see what happens as I’m fascinated by this whole biointensive OG gardening method. I’ve been outgasing and monitoring the temperatures of my sunoven (a Xmas present) with the time and position of the sun this time of year in hopes of baking in it shortly. Hubby, friends and family all contributed towards the purchase from Peddler’s Wagon. When peeps asked me what I wanted for Xmas, my one response was my Sun Oven so everyone chipped in and is now waiting for the 4th of July unveiling. Because of our location we often lose power unexpectedly and it can be for days on end, having an alternative 365 grid-free baking source is very important to us. The sun oven seems the logical and functional choice.

  6. Mae77 says:

    It was the most wonderful weekend. We took our kids to the lake. Spent some time campin, fishin, and boating. When we got back, we finished planting the garden and I even made our 2 yr old her first big girl bed.

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