Eating out Thursday night.   Yep, this is a rarity, a rarity I tell you, for us farm folks!    A friend of ours who knows we like to leave early suggested we stop by his favorite restaurant right across the street from the Santa Monica Library for a bite to eat before the presentation.  Not only was it nice to sit and relax with some good eats before the presentation but our friend generously paid for the meal – “his treat.” Thank you so much H for your kindness and generosity.  We truly appreciate it!

Middle eastern food – hummus, fallafel, pita bread, french fires with horseradish/yogurt sauce. mmmmmm

Nearly 60 folks turned out for the Urban Homesteading presentation at the Santa Monica Library hosted by Santa Monica Food Co-operative.  Thanks for the invite back!

It was great to see some old and new faces.

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  1. Laura says:

    When you don’t go out to eat very often, it is definately a treat! I think it tastes better when it’s so rare too. This is something that we’ve more recently cut back on.

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