Meeting local Freedom Gardeners

Chatting with Farmer D

Talking about farming, bug and critter woes, duckie saga, etc., with Farmer S

Saturday, we spent an afternoon down in Riverside.  Despite the sweltering heat, the local Freedom Gardeners came out and we enjoyed meeting ya’ll!  Actually, our booth was the busiest there – which was great!

Trying out the new keyboard

We also got a special package in the mail – a gift from one of our readers who wrote:

“I was just reading your website and noticed you all like to play instruments.  … Here’s a barely used Casio keyboard that I don’t use with the stand.  It’s my way of saying thanks for all you are doing!!!

I’m in the middle of buying my first house and I need to clear some stuff out.  I figured it would be going to a good cause.”

Ben B

I know it’s going to get some good use at our monthly Saturday Socials!  Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift that will be treasured and shared.

Yesterday turned out better than anticipated. I finally was assigned to Pasadena and stopped by the Path to Freedom farm! Jules is beyond nice and was really interested in my work (as should be expected by a farmer!!) And Anais is so cute! She was dressed for a photo shoot

[ah shucks, thanks!  here’s the photo shoot photo]

The house is gorgeous and every where I looked I saw edibles. I felt like a gushing school girl (my outgoing partner talked me into going up to their house-I suddenly became shy when we pulled up). Of course, it didn’t help when he said Anais looked like Snow White (he really did mean it as a compliment!!)

[no worries, appreciate the compliment but actually can you believe I am a little SHY too!]

PTF has inspired me so much over the years and it was great to finally meet the “real” people behind the hard work. I never thought I would have an opportunity such as this one!

— Via Cauldron Ridge

Another very special encounter (see above) with a longtime reader (since 2003) happened a week or so ago.   I noticed two people at the front garden gate, looking at the yard – of course these weren’t just ordinary lookers they had an “official truck” and were uniformed.   Interestingly enough, they were from the USDA doing a sweep of Pasadena looking for the dreaded pysllid (read more about it) Of course, bugs are a hot topic here on the urban homestead these days so we were quite interested in what they had to say on the subject – and they gave us an informative flyer on how to spot the little bugger.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Gina – sorry, it finally hit me who you were after you posted on the comment box and noticed your blog. I was like “oh, Cauldon Ridge- now I KNOW who you are!!!!”  Duh. I guess I should have asked you; but, then again, lately I’ve seem to have lost quite a few brain cells.  Seriously, I attribute it to interrupted sleep and having the injured duck in our bedroom.  Hate it when the brain’s in a fog.  Anyhow, funny how we know blog titles more than the actual person’s real name.   Guess that’s the internet world for you.

So, Gina, if you are ever in town again (you guys are doing such important work, thank you) – feel free to stop in and say hi!

And last but not least some interesting newbytes that caught our eye.

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  1. Gina says:

    Thanks, Anais! I was so excited and shy I never thought to mention the blog, LOL!!

    So happy to see Amy looking better! Sending thoughts your way for even better health soon.

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