At the Pasadena Smith & Hawkens store on Saturday April 18th over 40 plus people turned out to hear Jules Dervaes talk about composting methods he uses around the urban homestead.   He covered about a dozen different types and composting methods that he’s used over the past twenty five years.

From simple methods like:  mulching, bag, pit and passive pile to fermenting compost, vermicomposting Then advancing to the many types of our favorite digestors, bins and tumblers used on the urban homestead.

If you would like to purchase any of the composters featured during the presentation they are available at our online store PEDDLERSWAGON.com

All profits go right back into our non profit outreach and support our growing work.

Talking, thanking them for their hospitality, with the store employees afterwards (who were very pleased at the turn out), we asked innocently “so how did the store fair?”   One of the employees said whenever they have in-store workshops like this they are happy to clear/get $500 in sales.  This time around they raked in $2000 in sales so they were certainly very pleased at PTF’s popularity.

Also like to thank DS for his $40 donation.  Your support is greatly appreciated and we certainly enjoyed chatting with you afterwards.  Good luck with your garden!

On Monday, April 20th  Jules Dervaes gave a two hour urban homesteading presentation at the Santa Monica Library.  The event was sponsored by Santa Monica’s Co-oportunity (who’s celebrating 30 years btw – congrats!

Over 50 people filled the library’s auditorium to listen to Farmer D present the 10 elements of urban homesteading. The presentation included a showing of HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION, a power point presentation followed by Q&A.

Thank you to all those at Santa Monica’s Co-oportunity for inviting us to participate!


  1. Mia at Co-opportunity says:

    Thank you for your excellent presentation! Speaking for the employees that attended we found it to be so inspiring and thought provoking. And I know that everyone else who attended felt so too. We certainly appreciate you all taking the time to come all the way out here!!

    Many Thanks,
    All of us at Co-opportunity

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