Our Team

It’s been almost 2 years since our lives were suddenly changed and in order to continue, we have had to adapt, evolve, and grow!

The farm wouldn’t be operational without the hard work of each of us (especially Justin who has had the task of taking over all of the growing operation) and our friends who have pitched in to make the work lighter.  Thank you to our fans, friends, customers and volunteers for all you support!


It take a village and “boots on the ground,” every week, these volunteers, show up to lend a hand with the homestead operations. 


An amateur adventurer of the world, Christina has sung traditional Hawaiian chants beneath the Ko’alau Mountains on O’ahu and crawled into a beaver’s lodge in Alaska’s remote Innoko Wilderness Refuge.

She lives in a tiny house on a farm in Los Angeles and works as a junior herbalist at a Chinese tonic herb emporium where she creates custom herbal elixirs for customers.  She loves educating others about history, indigenous cultures, medicinal plants, and nature .

Christina is currently writing and illustrating picture books with quirky characters, humor, and situations where protagonists triumph over the odds.


Renee is passionate about bringing a positive, creative change to her environment and community thru conscious awareness and homegrown music. She advocates for a variety of nonprofits – from animal welfare, environmental issues, social justice issues and homelessness.

She owns and runs Heyday Media Groups which is a socially and environmentally conscious, independent music publishing and media company that encourages and nurtures their family of writers/artists to focus on their creative path, to follow it’s own creative voice and not to compromise their craft by trying to fit into a neat little box

New Volunteers to Join the UH Team: 


Audrey is passionate about cooking, health-focused food and nutrition, and enjoys  sharing her passion for healthful, delicious food and vibrant nutrition. She is studying to be Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and believes that healing and health all start in the kitchen.

Outside of work, Audrey loves to be with her friends and family, exploring new foods and cooking techniques, reading interesting new books, and enjoying the hiking trails of Los Angeles.

And Kelvin – who is always happy and willing to pitch in, even on the simplest or most mundane tasks!

If you would like to volunteer submit your application

Team Members

Another vital member to join our team is Will Stevenson.  He’s passionate about business and sustainability and is doing the not so easy nitty gritty paperwork and networking that goes into growing a business.  We appreciate his keeping us on our toes, making sure we dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s.


Will’s approach, tools, and methodologies have been instrumental in helping the Urban Homestead transform our already successful organization to a structured revenue-focused and still public benefit driven version of business sustainability.


Willing Worker & Co-housing Opportunity

As our operation stabilizes and grows forward, we are looking for more willing on-site workers, especially for part- time possible co-housing arrangement.  Stay tuned for further details.





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