Lunch is served

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks.   I’ve know, I’ve said this before, but we have been  really challenged  to push the envelope here at the homestead.  We are growing through many exciting experiences!

I will do my best to get y’all caught up on homestead happenings by backtracking a few weeks (insert rewinding sound here)

Out of the blue, we got an email from a Fortune 200 juice company who wanted to rent our facility for a two day conference.  Of course, we were somewhat incredulous and thought “really?”   And get this, they also wanted breakfast and lunch for their employees for the two days!  Eeeks!    With that request, we sought out and partnered with a local chef (& farm stand customer) to put on a “first class” spread made with local, seasonal foods (and what a spread it was!)

Honestly, I didn’t know how we’d pull everything off, considering we’ve never done this before.   Thankfully, we had a lot of practice with  all the events we’ve been hosting over the last decade.

Happy to say, they enjoyed the “organic” experience and the food was a smashing hit – not much leftovers (that’s a good sign)   They felt it more conducive to their “brainstorming session” than if they’d been sitting in a conference room with no windows.  Being in a semi-outdoor environment allowed them to get their creative juices flowing.


Setting up

Setting the buffet table

Setting the dining table

Breakfast table

Homegrown flowers

If you would like to rent our facility, contact Jordanne at jordanne(at)urbanhomestead.org


  1. John says:

    Love your work, You have given me inspiration now, I know what I want to do. I want to replicate what you have accomplished here in New Zealand, so I will be tapping your knowledge and experience so I don’t have to repeat mistakes you made along the way.
    I live in Auckland the largest city in New Zealand, formerly from the San Francisco Bay Area. I know if you can do what you have done there, I can do it here.
    Thank you for the inspiration.


  2. Dayne Bennett says:

    Hi Anais, What a Beautiful Presentation. I’m sure your guest were very impressed. All of the bright and natural home grown colors of the food and the flowers make me salivate with great remorse. I hope one day in the near future, I can plan a trip to meet you and your family in person.
    Just the other day i learned about you from one of your video’s and I must say; I have watched many episodes of Little House on the Prairie and have alway’s admired the simple beauty of living close to nature with someone of like mindedness.
    I have 5 beautiful acres in Travelers Rest SC. Mountain views, natural springs, hundreds of wild blueberries and so much more. I really enjoy working in the yard, but it seems to be a little much for one person so I plan to sell soon and find something a little smaller. I really want to have a green house and learn hydroponics.
    Fresh picked foods are my favorite. Many blessings to you and your family, Dayne

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