For homestead blessings

Blood oranges

We drink about a gallon of blood OJ each morning!

Going thru our winter stash of pumpkins one by one

Citrus tree is loaded

Kumquats, one of my favorite treats, are almost ripe!

Steaming winter squash

A basket of homestead goodies for a sick friend

A lovely gift from one of our readers - thank you!

Another reader dropped off a box of amber glass jars. Great for storing herbs!!!

I am still a bit behind in keeping ya’ll up to date with homestead happenings.  Early next week, I should finally have finished the 2010 Year in Review seasoned with a bit of reflection and dose of hopes for this year.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    I hear ya with the year end stuff. I’m closing in on tax filing time. Mine are pretty simple. The old saying of “How much did you earn? Send it in.” is slowing creeping toward really for me. Single with no deductions other than house interest and charitable giving makes for a quite simple return. NONE.

    I am amazed that you have room for so many fruit trees. I haven’t seen the trees in any pictures of your gardens. They have to be dwarf varities but so much juice from them is a wonderful thing. I thought pumpkins and squash take up a great deal of space too.

    How about storage? I’ve seen pictures of the pantry filled with canned produce and jellies but how do you store the pumpkins and squash? I’m still amazed at how you have utilized every square inch of land and made it productive.

    Have a great New Year planning day.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Blood oranges are my all time favorite orange! To me, there is no comparison in taste. They also make absolutely beautiful marmalade!

  3. Karen Joyce says:

    Wow! What I would give for orange trees! Are yours in pots? Maybe I can try keeping a couple dwarf ones and just bring them in in the winter?
    You are such an inspiration… every time I think, “Oh, I am just too tired/ busy to do___”, I think of all the hard work you put in every day to keep things going and all the work it took to get where you are.
    Than you so much for your blog!!!

  4. jillp says:

    Beautiful photos! They really brightened up my morning. I especially coveted that big jar of fresh squeezed blood orange juice. Although I live in Florida, I’m too far north to grow citrus without protection. I have been successful with some in large, moveable pots, but whiteflies are always a pest. Do you ever have a problem with them where you live?

  5. James T. says:

    Hello beloved Homesteaders, I live in Melbourne, Australia and love visiting your site on a weekly basis. My family own a ‘beach house’, 115 acres of land by the beach with a river running through it, and your website and the way you live your lives, gives me great inspiration to create a micro farm of my own. I talk of your achievements with freinds and family, and I have freinds who intend on creating there own micro farms in Melbourne as well. this is my first post, but I feel it will not be my last, thankyou Urban Homesteaders for showing my freinds and I, A Path to Freedom. James T. Of Melbourne, Australia.

  6. Jeni says:

    Oh man do I wish I could get that basket you made for a sick friend right about now. Hope your friend feels better soon. Can’t wait to see the results of the 2010 review!!

  7. Zev says:

    You can squeeze the oranges directly into a cup?? That’s brilliant!

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