Here on the urban homestead we have very few gardening tools.  We have our basic hand powered tools: shovels, rakes, shears, soil blocker, clippers and trowel.

The most used gardening tool here on the PTF urban homestead is the simple garden trowel.   After going through several cheap and flimsy trowels, Farmer D found a sturdy stainless steal one for a reasonable price way back in January 2003.  Ever since that time, this trusty trowel has been Farmer D’s constant companion helping on all of his gardening and homesteading rounds.   This trowel has been everywhere and made its national debut in the Homegrown Revolution  video in 2007 and more recently the Mother Earth News article and the film’s new website, DVD cover and tee shirts

Our trowel came in very handy around the homestead for transplanting countless plants, turning over the beds, etc., and was used for just about everything around here, including a hammer and a crow bar for moving concrete!

Here is the latest picture of the old trowel and the new one. As you can see, the old trowel has been worn down 1/2″ from all the use!

Happy to say that after many close calls and  nearly losing the trowel over the years,  the original homegrown trowel has been officially retired!  The new one at least is easily spotted among any green vegetation!

Anyways, the guys finally located the trowel and a source to purchase some new ones after searching for a while.  Now you can start your very own one trowel revolution, get the trowel that started it all at

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: DR $100.  Thank you very much for your generous support.

Oh and I also want to say thank you, all 250 or more of you, who requested our seed list.  I am thrilled to know that we have some many readers.  One thing good to come out of all this is at least we now know your names.   Certainly makes this blog more personable.  Well, to me, at least.


  1. Susy says:

    Oh the trusty trowel. I have 3 that I bought many years ago on clearance, little did I know that they were the most wonderfully made trowels. I find myself with one always at my side, and start getting a little panicky if I can’t find even on. I need to paint the handles bright pink or something so they can easily be spotted in the gardens. What’s with all the green camo handles?

  2. redclay says:

    Was the blade on the old trowel originally the size of the new one? If so, that’s some serious erosion!

    I look forward to getting my soil nice and loamy where all I need is a trowel. 🙂

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