Wow, where’d the time go? Feels only yesterday I was holding fluffy baby chicks and now they are (almost) ready to join their buddies in the main animal compound.

Although we a little apprehensive of raising ducks so late, thanks to the Eco Glow, we were able to move them out of brooder box and into the pullet pen after just two weeks.  They’ve been sleeping outdoors now and not in the bathtub.   Chickens are messy but ducks are even messier. Being winter there are no windows are open in the house and so the smell after a day (or two) can get rather “ripe.”  Especially with eight of ’em I was having to change the bedding every other day so was thrilled when we stumbled on the Eco Glow that allowed us to move them outdoors as soon as we could.   This product gave me the peace of mind that without an unnatural heat lamp the duckies would be nice and warm during the night.   Every spring that we’d raise chicks we’d always see a spike in our electricity use, not this time!  I just love the English efficiency.

This new batch of ducks are almost fully feathered and they’ll be probably joining the older flock in a week or two.   Gonna love to see how they react seeing each other for the first time.  Ducks (especially without any drakes about) are less difficult when it comes to introducing newbies.   I know our older ducks are already quite curious about the sounds coming from the pullet pen just across the walkway from the main compound.  I’ve caught the  ducks (and even the chickens) hopping up on bales of straw to peek over the compound fence.



  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, it’s good to hear about what’s been happening around the homestead. I’m amazed at how many homesteads have new life in their flocks in the fall. Our chickens always arrived in the Spring. All new born pigs and calves were born in the Spring. Now I read reports from many homesteaders that are adding to their flocks in the fall as well. I didn’t even know that could be done but I guess with modern technology eggs can be hatched any time of the year.

    Have a great duck integration day.

  2. John D says:

    Hi, I know this is an old post, but…

    I live in pasadena too, and we have been working on our garden a lot over the last several months. We are getting pretty close to getting chickens, but there is a big part of me that wants ducks instead.

    I thought you couldn’t keep ducks in the city of pasadena (or that they had to be kept so far from your neighbors buildings that you couldn’t fit them on a normal sized lot). Is there a way to do this legally, or are you getting by just counting on the law being more trouble than it’s worth to enforce?


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