Another day of scorching temperatures. Lady Fairlight does her best to keep cool… just laying in the shade.  Too hot to move a muscle. 

What a silly (& smart) goat she is.

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  1. Journeyer says:

    What a funny photo. I had a visitor during the week that told me a story about a goat he used to have. She used to try to come inside whenever it rained. At the first drop she’s be banging and pushing on the door. Perhaps she was related to Lady Fairlight 🙂

  2. Terri says:

    awwwwww…she is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    We had the heatwave in Jersey last week…it was horrible…my brother just flew back to his home in Anaheim just in time for the heat. Hope it cools down for you soon.

  3. Billy says:

    I sure like the site your family has here and I like the idea of being skilled to use just waht God has provided to live well. Thanks for sharing the passion you all have.

  4. Lizz says:

    Does she like to be hosed off?

    I know I do!

  5. Anais says:

    Journeyer – thanks for sharing that goat story. Goat are indeed very silly creatures.

    Could be related! As a matter of fact Fairlight HATES water.

    Terri – looks like we won’t be cooling down till Mon or Tues. What I don’t understand is the humidity – we are in a desert climate. We are supposed to have DRY heat.

    Billy – hello and welcome to our site. We are indeed blessed that we are able to share our journey and offer inspiration to other. As stewards we are responsible for our actions and lifestyle and hope that we can continue to strive to tread lightly and restore eden.

    Lizz- nope, she’d just skidattle . She hates water

  6. LivingSimple47 says:

    This is my first time coming to and commenting. I was SOOO happy to have come across your CNN interview and to find others that are into the life that I have ALWAYS wanted to live but was either to afraid thinking I “couldn’t” do it, or needed help. I just decided to go after my dream using just what I have. I started with a small garden this summer and hope to expand in time. Thank you for providing a place for a novice like myself to find a sense of camraderie and example.

  7. Christine says:

    When we lived in the Black Hills, we built our little house in the woods, with wood I tore down in another state. My husband was working there, and I was home with the kids in our rented house. I longed for a place of our own, where our children could run and play without being told to “go home”. So I started to think outside of the box so to speek, and found this huge house that was going to be torn down. I asked if I could tare it down, and they said I could have two weeks at it, then they would finish what was left. ( I don’t think they thought I would do anything, but I did) First I made a place where I could see my kids while I was working and they were safe and could play. Then proceeded to take things apart. Long story short, hauled this stuff home, pulled every lozy nail out of the boards, and stacked them till we could have a chance to build something. One mistake we made, ( and believe me, there were lots of mistakes) was to build the house too close to a rock outcroping. Our goats loved to get out of their pen and greet us by jumping on top of the house! That was a sight for sore eyes. We were not impressed as we were afraid that they would put holes in our new roof. Also, my kids (children) used this roof as an escape route to get outside if they wanted to. Our youngest daughter was the worst, as she would go out there with her cat and sing or sit and play on the roof! I was always shooing someone or something off the roof while we lived there. But we have allot of happy memories there too! Goats will bring you hours and hours of laughter! C

  8. Anais says:


    Thanks for sharing you goat story. Couldn’t agree with you more. Goats are loads of fun.

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