My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people:  those who work and those who take the credit.  He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there.  ~Indira Gandhi

Deselected Because of Principles

Unfortunately, we won’t be traveling to Sonoma Film Festival due the fact that the screening of Homegrown Revolution was going to be used to promote businesses and organizations for their gain at our family’s expense.

In fact, we asked the organizers to respect the non-commercial nature of the film. They, in turn, opted to keep the commercial format of the session, de-selecting the film and canceling our appearance instead.

Like a farming friend said, “Their loss!”

So here’s the updated schedule (lots of new venues have been added!) hope to see/meet many of our Northern California readers on our travels up north.


Jan 15-17  Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival, Nevada City CA

Saturday, Jan 16  at 7:13 pm in the Nevada Theater HOMEGROWN by Robert McFalls (52 min) screening followed by Q & A with the producer and subjects (them being us)

Saturday, Jan 16, we’ll also be tabling at Activist Center I” at City Hall from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – come by our table for a wealth of information on turning your ordinary home into a sustainable urban homestead

COMMUNITY BREAKFAST with Dervaes Family as Special Guest:
Sunday Jan 17th 8:30 am -9:30 am at Sustainability Center 412 Commercial Street

Sunday, Jan 17  at City Hall from 12:00 noon- 1:30 pm Homegrown Revolution – The Path to Sustainable Living in the City

Free to the public but donations requested and appreciated.

Jules Dervaes is the founder of the urban homestead movement and subject of the documentary, HOMEGROWN (showing Saturday, 7:13pm in Nevada Theater and Sunday 3:53pm in Stone Hall, Miners Foundry). He will be presenting an informal discussion about his and his family’s adventures in growing their own food (as much as 3 tons a year from 1/10 of an acre garden!), generating their own solar electricity, making their own biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil, and raising ‘citified’ farm animals. See the popular, award-winning short documentary, Homegrown Revolution (16 min), that was shown at Wild & Scenic last year and is currently part of the festival’s national tour. And have the opportunity to interact with Mr. Dervaes and his three adult children, Justin, Anais and Jordanne, who have developed an impressive range of self-sufficient living skills on their urban homestead, Path to Freedom.

Sunday, Jan 17 at 3:53 pm in the Stone Hall, Miners Foundry Encore showing of HOMEGROWN by Robert McFalls (52 min)

Sunday, Jan 17 evening  6:30 pm Meadow Vista, CA (located 35 min from Nevada City).   Potluck, meetup and swap for Grass Valley & visiting Freedom Gardeners

If you would like to be a part of this gathering please email us at info(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com for the home address of this event.

See Wild & Scenic website for tickets and further details

Jan 18-19 “Somewhere” CA

TBD – that what and where. Not sure what we’ll be doing between Wild & Scenic FF & Eco Farm Conference.  We’ll let you know just as soon as we do. So watch this space for details!

Jan 21-23 Eco Farm Conference, Asilomar CA

NOTE: if you or someone you know is in the Monterey area, we need a place to stay the night of Wed, Jan 20 (from about 11 pm – 7 am) e-mail us if you are willing to accommodate this request.

Saturday, Jan 23 ( 8:30 am – 10:00 am) Urban Homesteading: Big Rewards from Small Spaces Workshop

We’ll also be tabling at the entire 3 day farming conference located at Booth #: D43 / Exhibit Marketplace is located in the Surf and Sand Parking Lot at Asilomar

See Eco Farm Conference website for tickets and further details

Jan 24 Sonoma Environmental Film Festival – canceled!

Unfortunately, because of the festival’s commercialized nature, the showing of HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION followed by Q & A session with the Dervaes family has been CANCELED!


  1. Mavis says:

    Good for you! I’m glad you are sticking to your principals. And thanks for making your BEAUTIFUL calender available… I just bought one 🙂

  2. Lin Green says:

    I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to read these amazing accounts of urban homesteading your family has provided the world. Truly, you are kindred spirits to all who live a path with heart. <3

    Excited to see ya’ll in Nevada City!

    Best wishes for a new year!

  3. Sarah says:

    Very glad to see a family not only “preach” the principals, but also LIVE them as well. You have proven yourselves again as being in it for your health and education for people.

    Glad we are “friends”. 🙂

  4. katecontinued says:

    After reading this post it occurs to me, choosing what NOT to do takes as much commitment in all of our lives as choosing what and how we live. These choices are a part of each and every day – besides the dramatic ones like your stance with the Sonoma Film event. These faux environmental events are only going to increase as money starts flowing into this way. We all have to be more vigilant about our good experiences being promoted, marketed or otherwise captured for others’ business goals.

  5. Lorena says:

    gorgeous gardens and nice quote from Gandhi

  6. Jason says:

    I’m so glad to hear you stuck to your principles, and glad to know you continue to stick to the path and not get caught up in commercialism. so few people seem to be able to do that these days..

  7. AROUND THE URBAN HOMESTEAD | Little Homestead in the City says:


  8. Heidi says:

    So glad you taught those Sonoma organizers a lesson! I think we’re going to see lots of environmental scams as it becomes more popular. Sad, but good in a way since it means the environmental movement is having an impact on businesses. If only all will stick to their guns as you have to keep the road straight and narrow.

    Can’t wait to see you here in a few days!! Welcome to Nevada City!

  9. SOWING A REVOLUTION | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] Once again, here’s our Northern California itinerary schedule from Jan 15-23. […]

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