Roll Out the Barrels?

On the rain harvesting project word has it that we might finally be getting the space saving rain barrels from Australia by the Fall! We are really excited over these barrels or should I sayWATER HOG’s.

These ain’t your typical barrels, these moduleWATER HOG’s can fit in space deprived citified lots, along fence lines (heck they can even be the fence!) under crawl spaces of your home, a closet or alongside the back of a garage or house.  How neat is that?

Leave it to folks down under to invent practical water saver for citified urban homesteaders.   Because of their dire water crisis the Australians are way ahead of us on the path of water conservation …. hopefully out West here we can catch up before our water crisis gets any worse.

So we are definitely super excited about bringing theWATER HOG’s to LA.

Going Ducky

Received some adorable ducklings in the mail for friends of ours who recently lost their pair from old age.  

A few years back the same couple bought their first pair from us but they were already grown being raised by Jordanne.    This time around they wanted try to raise them from babies. So the baby ducks were shipped here so we could watched over them for a couple days (the first couple days are critical, especially after shipping).   After a few days of  monitoring were up, they came by to picked up the ducks and also consulted withJordanne since they needed all the advice on how to raise baby ducks.    Jordanne, who’s assembled a wealth of backyard barnyard knowledge, went over the finer points of “duck raising 101.”   Happy to say the ducklings are doing well at their new home.

100 Foot Diet – Late Summer Edition
Growing food close to home….

Not sure how many weeks we’ve posted our weekly diet here on the journal.  
These week on the urban homestead, homegrown FIGS are what’s for dinner and lunch!  


B – buckwheat pancakes

D – homemade w.w. tortillas with homemade spanish rice (HG tomatoes, peppers, green onions) topped with sautéed HG peppers, tomatoes and cilantro


B – homemade granola

L – leftovers from Saturday

D – mac & cheese with raw chopped HG peppers, tomatoes and herbs with HG steamed beans


B – homemade granola

L – HG Fig quesadillas made with HG figs, peppers and tomatoes, served on homemade w.w. flour tortillas

D – HG Fig quesadillas made with HG figs, peppers and tomatoes, served on homemade w.w. flour tortillas with HG steamed green beans


B – homemade granola

L steamed HG greens and green beans served over long grain organic brown rice

D – HG duck egg omelet with HG veggies (tomatoes, green onions, celery, peppers) with sprouted grain toast


B – skipped

L – homemade gazpacho (made with HG cucumbers, herbs, celery, tomatoes) served over long grain organic brown rice

D – leftover gazpacho served over sun cooked rice


B – homemade granola

L – fig rice salad made with HG figs with HG steamed lima beans

D – leftover fig rice salad with HG tomato and raw cheese bread


B – homemade granola

L – leftover gazpacho and rice

D – w.w. spaghetti topped with homemade sauce (made with HG tomatoes, peppers, green onions, herbs) with HG cucumber and tomato salad

Victory Kitchen

On the preservation front….

Tomatillo salsa, fig jam, apple butter, peach jam, elderberry wine.

The larder is certainly growing by the day…. there’s no time to waste getting ready for winter.

:: Acknowledgement ::

GM $10 & LC $10 and to those few who took time to purchase something from ouronline store. Every little bit helps usgrow Path to Freedom’s future. Thank you.  If all goes well we have a few very BIG announcements to make! The new and improved website should be launched by Thanksgiving (you’re going to love the new improvements, we even are going to be upgrading the journal. Stay tuned!)


In Praise of Tap Water { NYTimes}

On the streets of New York or Denver or San Mateo this summer, it seems the telltale cap of a water bottle is sticking out of every other satchel. Americans are increasingly thirsty for what is billed as the healthiest, and often most expensive, water on the grocery shelf. But this country has some of the best public water supplies in the world. Instead of consuming four billion gallons of water a year in individual-sized bottles, we need to start thinking about what all those bottles are doing to the planet’s health.
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Lovin’ it: McBranding hooks preschoolers, study finds { YahooNews}

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Preschoolers preferred the taste of burgers and fries when they came in McDonald’s wrappers over the same food in plain wrapping, U.S. researchers said, suggesting fast-food marketing reaches the very young.
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DIY Root Cellaring {SuperNaurale}

With winter over, I’ve long finished the organic potatoes and apples my father sent me from his massive garden in Eastern Canada. I grew up in a farmhouse with a delightfully creepy root cellar. It was perfect for packing away bushels of Yukon Golds, Cortland apples, bunches of fat carrots, and low-hanging bags of onions. But even if you don’t have a cold-floor basement with dirt walls, you can still store fresh produce over the winter.
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  1. Robin says:

    I am curious about your jam recipes. Do you use sugar or honey? And do you buy commercial pectin? I have been trying different combinations of sugar and honey, pectin, no pectin. Can one make homemade pectin, I wonder?

  2. herbfever says:


    Would you please share your elderberry wine recipe?

    I appreciate it!

  3. Wildside says:

    Hi there, re: e-neighbors — you may want to look to see if you need to delete a recent gratefuls post title starting off with “porno movies…” — didn’t open to read it. It’s by jessy halm.

    Also, ought to let you know I took down my blog ‘Wildside Home’ May get back to blogging someday, but for now it’s gone. You were so kind to link to it.

    Anyway, hope all is well on your homefront and sounds like you have exciting times ahead.

    All the best!