Putting up the harvest

and hanging with some cool veggies

NOTE: This entry was meant to be published LAST week but somehow got overlooked – so the stuff about the weather is , well OLD news.

These last few days , one actually felt like the wicked witch of the west….. we are melting!!!!!!

Though the sweltering heat (and NOW humidity!), smoke and ash is quite bothersome (and irritating!) there’s work that continues here on the urban homestead – at a little slower pace.   Yesterday morning the Pasadena area was under a smoky grey haze and ash.  Ash started to fall from the sky and covered everything like “snow.”

Now back to happenings on the urban homestead.

The kitchen cabinets are full – full of food security!  Homegrown produce that’s been put up!  Nothing beats that feeling of seeing a stocked up shelf lined with the bountiful blessings from the garden.

With the heat and smoke we’ve been drinking home kombucha by the gallons to keep cool and hydrated.  I really really like it with the lemon verbena syrup – it almost taste like soda and so refreshing, actually I think I’m addicted (shush, don’t tell anyone!)  Now that I am back in the kombucha brewing mode I’d like to try a few more herbal flavors.  Perhaps pineapple sage or anise hyssop.

Finally those super cool bottles arrived so I can put the thirst quenching kombucha in more “sophisticated” containers.  The canning just just didn’t cut it in my opinion but then again that’s sorta eco ghetto chic.

Other homebrew news — Strained the lemon verbena that’s been steeping for three days, then added sugar and yeast to make up some herbal wine or as it’s know in the herbal books as “Worty Wine” While I was busy with the wort (yeah, love these earthy names)  Jordanne was making honey mead and said that she may start speaking in thees and thous pretty soon – something to do with Shakespeare.  Yeah, whatever m’lady!

Preserved up another round of fruit preserves and with the pile of peppers and tomatoes accumulated on the counter tops need to get those canned up.

It’s too smokey now to do any drying outside, I could do it in the stove but with no AC, temps well into the triple digits and bad/hazardous air quality I wouldn’t want to heat up the kitchen more than it is now.

In the garden the area surrounding the hives got a cleanup.  It was the sort of stack all the homeless plants and extra garden stuff here.  There are plans in the works that will turn this area into a honey factory and grey water reclamation area.

Can’t wait to see what transpires and of course photos of the operation will be forthcoming.


  1. Chookie says:

    I just need to warn Jordanne that mead is traditionally regarded as an aphrodisiac, and IT’S TRUE! So just be careful who you drink it with!!

  2. @}-,'--- says:

    I am so inspired by your lifestyle. I just haven’t a clue how to get started myself. Green thumb, I am not.

  3. Chiot's Run says:

    I love love love that gourd, how cool!

    I’m getting ready to make some lemon verbena syrup as well. I can’t wait.

  4. Cindie K. says:

    So glad to see you writing again, Anais. Feel like I know you all, and have been worried about your family and the Homestead with all the fire and then air quality issues. I spent part of the weekend freezing locally grown produce picked up at our IGA. Such a good feeling to have the freezer filling up as Fall comes into the picture. Take care!

  5. CE says:

    With no kids at home now, I have an abundance of pears and I have learned that in Europe pear wine and a sparkling pear wine is very popular so I am trying that this year. If it does not work I will have a heck of a lot of pear vinegar. WIN win. 🙂

  6. Jed says:

    I must be on the same wavelenght Jordanne cuz I just started my second 3 gal. batch of mead and just bought the most gorgeous snake gourd didgeridoo.


  7. ON THE PRESERVATION FRONT | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] This is an Italian summer squash that is versatile as a summer AND winter squash (shown here, Jordanne’s hugging one)  Yeah, told you she’s a squash convert.  […]

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