Goat Walk

The time I don’t bring my camera something exciting (other than the goats) happens on our Saturday evening walk. We noticed lots of action on the beautiful and historic Colorado Bridge. Living in LA we are used to such filming productions – especially here in Pasadena which seems to be a fave filming location for tv, commercial and movies. As we were crossing the street to get to the path that leads down the Arroyo Seco, Jordanne spotted someone jumping from the bridge. Stunt man we thought, but it was none other than this actor (thanks for the tip Kelly) No wonder they had so much security that we had to divert our goat walk around all the barricades on the trail.

Can you spot the goat in the garden?

Homestead Happenings

Now that we are slowing drying out from the soaking rains, it’s back to work in the garden with all sorts of plantings going on. With so much computer work I am sadly derelict in my urban homestead and posting “duties” We all certainly have our plates full so can’t really complain.

Seeds are arriving – so are a batch of mason bees. Seeds & bees – a sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

After construction: New, re-planted bed

After a year of construction – metal roof installation and then painting the house, the north facing bed along side the house is newly planted – back went the blueberries, oca, anna apples and rose apple. New additions – ginger and red malaysian guavas.

Roll out the barrel

Also we’ll be placing a few Arid Rain Barrels behind the planted area up against the house. Two units hold a little over 100 gallons and figure we can fit about 6 units underneath the windows.

We still have to install the three Australian RainWater HOGS. We are hoping to get a few more, but since these beauts are from down under costs is a bit prohibitive at the moment. There’s word that these space saving modular rain savers will be manufacture red in America soon. We’ll keep our readers posted.

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  1. derek says:

    I have a question about mason bees. Do they live in Southern California? If you simply put out one of those mason bee “houses” will they take up residence in it, or do you need to buy the bees as well?

  2. Anita says:

    Your pictures are always so beautiful..

    I have a question. We are moving into a house soon where the yard hasn’t grown anything but weeds for years.. there is some struggling grass, but as far as gardens, nothing has done well there in at least 40 years – according to the previous owner. The soil is grey, and lifeless…
    Other than replacing the entire yard’s topsoil, what can we do? We’d like to plant at least a small garden this year (eventually we plan on using the entire back yard for garden). We really can’t afford anything too expensive…

    • Liz says:

      Sounds like a real honey of a problem. While I’ve never had Haagen Dazs’ Bee Ice Cream , maybe they could just use a ssiutbtute ingrediant for a few years: BEEtles in place of Bees?I don’t think corporate sponsorship will work. The bees are too small to either put a sign on, or to carry the corporate logos on a banner like those airplanes. Now you COULD put a Micky Dees logo on an elephant, so maybe the solution is simple larger bees! There must be some hormone (Barry Bonds, etc.) we can give the bees to increase size? And then you wouldn’t need as many of them (one giant bee = 100,000 little bees) to boot! Just bee careful- once you start down that Rocky Road, it’s hard to recover.

  3. David says:

    Hello Anais & family,

    Jimmy was bungee jumping,lol. So thats possibly why the Colorado bridge was closed off & I was rerouted on liquid sunshine Sunday.

    Yes am interested as well, have you put out those solitary bee houses & attracted a resident population? Would I more than likely have to purchase Mason bees to populate the “hives”? I found these instructions for a solitary bee house to try:


    BTW front yards edible function is increasing beautifying form. Glad y’all retired the boring monoculture lawn :).

  4. derek says:

    Thanks for that link, I think I’m going to build one of those this weekend (hopefully there are actually some mason bees around!).

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