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Yesterday around noon the blue skies clouded over with smoke drifting in miles from the 16 or so fires that are burning throughout So Cal.   Thankfully all is calm here (no winds), except the air quality was getting worse as the afternoon went on yesterday as ashes were spotted falling from the sky.   Hopefully today is a better day on the fire front, especially for those in San Diego, where nearly a 1/2 million have been evacuated.   Jules spoke with a woman yesterday at the food co-op pick up who read of a lady having to leave her animals (horses) behind…. there are lots of backyard and mini farms and ranches where these fires are consuming. Our Nigerian goat, Fairlight, was purchased from a lady in Romona (there’s a huge fire burning there), and our goat has goat relatives in San Diego county area.   I am also sure we have some PTF readers who could be possibly affected; our thoughts and prayers are with you.   Hope everyone and all the animals are safe. If you or someone you know has been affected by these fires, leave a comment or email us. Let’s be in touch.

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  1. Wildside says:

    Hubby came home last eve with news that it seems all of S. California was on fire — but that picture brings it to life…

    Thank you for sharing. Scary times.

  2. lavonne says:

    I’m here, smack dab in the middle of it all, and not threatened by any of it — except for smoke. Just trying to stay inside and avoid breathing that air, using too much power, etc. We’re in danger of blackouts if we’re not careful. Glad you’re okay up there.

  3. Ed B says:

    Hi, I had trouble getting your website on my computer this morning and it was sure sobering. I am glad that you are all okay now. Good Luck! email me if you need help. Your friend in self-reliance, Ed B

  4. William says:

    Well, Last night I was only a couple of miles from the Harris Fire here in Rancho San Diego. But it hasn’t come in this close to town area. It came close to the Steele Canyon High School Evac site, but it didn’t get past there. So we are okay in this area.


  5. Joanne Poyourow says:

    Hadn’t had time to read your site for a few days – my dad was evacuated and staying with us. He’s home safely now, though. What a horrific week, and climate change scientists (UCS) forecast wildfires will get worse … Good to get back to more “normal” life. Your Thurs (10/25) photo of your summer garden is absolutely gorgeous.