febitg-1.jpg Shipment of ollas arrive at the urban homestead

With temperatures in the upper 80’s this week, garden work is in full swing.

Getting ready for the spring plantings with a shipment of ollas that were delivered on Monday. This will be our third season integrating the ancient, yet very efficient, clay pot irrigation method in the urban farm.

In fact, it’s been surprisingly successful experiment. Plants are noticeably healthier and their growing season extending when planted near the submerged ollas. A fellow gardener/urban homesteader also had similar observations.

guyolla.jpg Using ollas in containers

He sent us photos (shown above) of the ollas in his urban patio container garden and said that the broccoli which were planted with the ollas were noticeably bigger and healthier. Other gardeners and olla users have had similar stories and growing experiences.

Anyone have similar observations? Care to share?

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Oh, and for those of you who are have ollas on backorder – your wait is finally over! We’ll be shipping them out this week. We thank you for your order and support.

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  2. Aniruddh says:

    Hello , I am from India. I read your article ‘Using ollas in containers’ and was amased with your results. I have decided to try it myself here. Do you use such large Ollas in container ? How do you water each one – each one separately ?
    Thanks for sharing the info,

  3. Brian says:

    Great work! to you and your family…my efforts in my no dig garden at the moment had slowed down a bit but last summer I had couple of tomato plants going…my efforts with tomatoes in pots is just below average..but somehow seem to get a crop of ‘marties’ (grosse lisse, big reds, romas etc.). When the last plant had nearly expired…I remembered that I had made a self watering planter made from buckets that once carried mayonnaise for the fish and chip shop…cleaned them out a bit more and rinsed them thoroughly…made the planter as per internet instructions and planted a tomato in my own compost and a bit of potting soil left over…didn’t want to waste that last half a kilo of potting soil)…well the tomato plant prior to that was looking pretty pathetic, so lovingly transplanted it over…and about two weeks later it came to life to give me 5 more tomatoes….so I am hooked…I now have 6 buckets and one tub with once again…grosse lisse, roma, big reds, italian tomato, yellow tomato, cucumbers and one capsicum…in the tub is a selection of lettuces…including one iceberg lettuce…so can’t wait to see my largest tomato plant producing…there is an abundance of flowers on two of the tomato plants (bees are buzzing around them) and also the cucumber plant also has bees around its flowers…will let you know of the results…tasty results at that…I love summer veges….oh I nearly forgot…the larger of the pinched branches from the tomato are in a miniture self watering planter made from rectangular chinese takeaway containers….the medium is seed growing mix..the “pinched” branches were dipped in honey as I had no rooting powder…but they are also coming along nicely….
    It is not so much the produce I am excited about…it is the achievement of the excercise of seeing it all grow from seedlings bought cheeply…all the plants were seeing better days and reduced to about 90 – $1.50…normally the seedlings are about $3-5…all they needed was a bit of TLC and was told they get chucked out because they didn’t look right..and sit at the end of the benches till they are sent to plant heaven….sheesh…I said you guys are coming home with me to start a new life….when I figure how to upload photos on here of the future produce will send them to you…
    BTW I am north of Adelaide in South Australia…whether you, Jules, popped over to Australia while living in NZ I don’t know….but we get some pretty hot temps here in Sth Oz., bu the tomatoes here love it…
    Cheers and have a happy Christmas to you and your family…

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