Our water saving ollas were featured in the latest issue of NATURAL HOME (pg 65)


If you live in an arid climate or an area that suffers from drought, try giving you garden a sip from a bottle.  OLLAS are unglazed pottery jugs that can be “planted” alongside your veggies or flowers, then filled with water from a hose when the weather heats up.  “The ollas is so old it’s new again – it originated about 2,000 years ago.” proprietor Jues Dervaes says.  “It uses capillary action and wicks water throught he porous clay to the soil.  We call it the original drip irrigation system.”    The ollas are sold through Peddler’s Wagon, the Dervaes family’ home-based business.

I’ve touched on ollas in the past, ever since we put in our clay pot irrigation bed back in 2005.  Since then we’ve used them throughout the garden and in pots (making great ‘self watering-like’ containers)   We found out that the plants grow faster, better and stronger near the ollas.   OK, at first we thought it was just us and our biased observation but then we heard similar reports back from customers.  These things really work.

Here are a few past entry highlights from LHITC



OLLAS IN CONTAINERS (pictures provided another LA urban homesteader)




  1. lavonne says:

    They’re great for container gardening too. I bought three from Peddler’s Wagon last summer, and my herbs are doing great. Sometimes I forget about them for weeks — not in the summer, but in colder weather — no problem.

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  6. Patrick says:

    Our world is in a heap of trouble as it is, so I blivee it’s time to start living off the land as our ancestors once did.people say they need power when there’s power all around, I did research and found that one windmill generator can generate 4,700,000kwh per year, that could power several hundred homes for a while. I’m 17 now and have begun to relize the trouble were in so I’ve began to learn what it takes to do what others believe is impossiable, I am pleased to see so many people trying to do the same but once that economic drop hits, it’s those who worked for what they have that will survive.-Thank you

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