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Q. It’s Denise here with a question regarding your oil lamps.

Somewhere on your site I saw that you use bio fuel for your lamps. Are these your typical oil lamps? And the bio fuel is used rather than the toxic stuff from the stores? How bright does it burn? I have some olive oil lamps and learned that because of how olive oil burns (low flame), the oil cannot be used in regular oil lamps. Does the bio fuel have much smoke? What does it smell like? Oh so many questions.

Also, tell me about your soy candles. What did you use to make them? I saw a photo of jars with the oil setting for later use.

Thank you for your time to answer these questions. With fall soon upon us, I’m looking for ideas besides my beeswax candles and olive oil lamps.

Bless you all,

A. Yes we do use bio-diesel in oil lamps. We have a few old oil lamps (eg http://www.allproducts.com/manufacture98/sundries/Product-2005102123399.jpg )

We find that the longer the wick the harder it is for the bio-diesel to be drawn up (it’s heavier than kerosene or paraffin) It’s probably best to do a blend. Or get smaller lamps like these.  Bio-diesel seems to do really well in these kinds. We have a few and they work well.

The bio-diesel smells like cooking oil and it does smoke a little when put out.

As for the soy candles, I buy soy beads in bulk off of eBay and melt it down and put in old recycled jars (with wicks of course). Sometimes I add a bit of essential oils. http://www.soya.be/soy-candle-making.php

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  1. Gordon says:

    I have not heard of alternative fuel oil lamps – what a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

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