The weather has drastically changed from tropical humidity to gloomy and much cooler. This cooling trend leaves one wearing long sleeves or a sweater well past noon.

Monday morning, a reporter and photographer from the AP dropped by to write a story on the urban homestead. The story should run next week sometime on the newswire. There was so much to see on the homestead, the reporter and cameraman a stayed over 5 hours (longer than we anticipated!). I doubt that the whole notebook of notes which the reporter took, and the many photos the photographer shot, will be published (too bad).    I guess their staying so long shows how much variety there is on such a small place. Each project (biodiesel, animals, cob oven, home business, solar, garden, etc) is a story in its own right. 

Gas prices continue to go up and up with no end in sight. Driving by a gas station the other day, we saw that diesel fuel was going for over $3.50 a gallon (insane) and felt a huge sense of liberation knowing that we only have to shell out 70 cents a gallon to make our own cleaner, alternative biodiesel fuel. Justin brewed 30 gallons of biodiesel a few weeks ago.   Even though we own a big suburban (useful in our business!) we limit our driving and the 30 gallons of homebrewed biodiesel will last us one month (sometimes more). We bought the suburban in March ’04 and to March ’05, we have driven a total of ~5,000 miles, ~1,000 of that was the ’04 trip to Sol Fest)

Sadly we aren’t taking the biodiesel suburban on the 1,000 mile trek to Sol Fest this year because of the extremely costly repairs and breakdown we experienced on the way home from Sol Fest last year (mind you it had nothing to do with biodiesel, only that it’s an old car, 1988). This whole unpleasant car episode is recalled in the journal entries of Aug & Sept. We feel bad that we aren’t taking her up, but we’d be such a wreck wondering if anything would go wrong. It was a difficult decision, but it’s not worth the worrying & stress to keep our pride over driving an alternative fuel car up to the event (would be different if Sol Fest was 100 miles away, but 1,000 is worrisome with such an old car).

Spread the word

The peak oil survey is slowly gaining momentum. You can help spread this survey around by posting this survey on related message boards, blogs or related media outlets. Results will be posted after Sol Fest.

Calling all Pasadena residents: The City is looking for outstanding eco citizens and businessfor this year’s award. Visit their site for additional details(deadline is Sept 1)


This will be the last posting on the journal for the next few days. It would be great (and a nice surprise) to come back to a hopping online resource center!  We’d love (after all the work/hours and $$ put into setting this system up) to see MORE readers’ contributions with postings of articles, news and links. A big thanks to David in Ireland who is helping us move the links to the new directory and to Jennifer for helping with the articles (much appreciated).