Getting dirty. Justin mixes dirt and works on the car

“What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.” – Will Rogers


The guys spent Sunday morning working in the yard/garden. The rest of the afternoon and well into the evening was spent working on the ’88 diesel truck (with help from a neighbor mechanic).   We gals spent most of the dreary day inside, sorting out from under the clutter the eco fair havoc made.

As part of life here on the urban homestead, one thing that we strive to do is to master all sorts of skills and not have to depend on the ‘Yellow Pages’; instead of having our “fingers do the walking,” our fingers do the work.    There’s never a dull moment.

Dark Days

I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about the time change and short winter days.   Advantage – one can get a lot of work done indoors. (Don’t you notice more journal postings, hmmm? You can thank the time change for that.) Disadvantage – it starts getting dark a little after 4pm.   Well, we’ve adapted to seeing and working in “the dark.” After years of powering down nights here on the urban homestead, our eyes have become accustomed to no/low lights. So we are used to doing a bit of work around the urban homestead in the dark. Too much of our modern world is unnaturally lit, and our eyes and moods are better suited for natural darkness.

Answers From the Urban Homestead

Urban homesteaders answering readers questions

Q. Dumb question dept: what do you do with the pomegranete seeds, swallow them or spit them out? – LaVonne

A. LaVonne, there is no such thing a dumb question. Pomegranates are indeed an unusual fruit – the seeds surrounded by vibrant red/purple colored, deliciously tart coating are entirely edible.   And now I refer you to the experts ‘How to Eat A Pomegranate’

Q. Hi Guys, that was great. I would love to put it on my blog but I am computer challenged and don’t know how. Any tips or better still step by step instructions. – Little Jenny Wren

A. Thanks for the positive comments Little Jenny Wren, we are glad you find the piece inspirational. We really appreciate your wanting to share this video. To answer your question about how to put it on your blog.

1. go to the PTF journal entry that has the video you want to share2. click on ‘Menu’ button located on bottom right side of video clip3. the video clip will shrink and you are given to options to choose from (embed or link) fyi – embed code allows you to post the entire video on your site while the link just links to the video.4. copy and past the code of the option you choose onto your site.

Hope this helps.

From the Inbox

Great seeing y’all at Universal.Keep up the good work in educating others n yourselves.

– David

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. john says:

    I often wonder how you manage to keep up with so many posts, images and links. My garden takes up so much of my time that blogging like you do would be impossible.

    Anway the regular posts particularly the images is greatly appreciated 🙂