Farmer D kicks off another growing season, inspiring the crowd saying that “big rewards can come from small spaces”

Full house

Keeping busy, I bring along knitting (it’s a scarf if you want to know)

Jordanne takes questions and gives out advice

Certainly was a wet n wild drive down to the OC Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa Tuesday night!

What would have been a little over a 1 hour drive turned to 2 and 1/2 hours.    We anticipated there’d be problems so lucky for us we left early.

Over 70 people attended the ‘Urban Homesteading’ presentation.   A few handful were part of the OC Rare Fruit Growers who and invited us last year so it was nice to see many of the same faces.

Afterwards, we received a slew of positive feedback from this presentation.  Folks who had seen the presentation last year said this one was ” a hundred times better.”  “Good to know,” I told them, “because we are always added and revising.”

There that night was a young lady working on a radio story about our family and farm for NPR.  She was there to interview folks about how our project has influenced them and what changes they have made in their lives because of our example.

As always we stayed long after the presentation had ended to answer questions. A real treat that evening was to meet one of our new blog readers who’s just started planting her own veggies.  She told us how much she enjoys reading LHITC and all the photos – “keep them coming she says.”  Will do!

An appreciative “Thank you,” to Cathy who invited us, Kevin sharing his homemade dip, to Raj for his warm welcome and to all the folks at OC Organic Gardening Club – happy growing!


  1. Dusti says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all your great info. Very inspiring to me. My husband and I just bought our first home on a whoppin 1/4 acre. I hope to grow a lot of our own food. We are taking little steps to become more self sufficient. Thanks again for sharing. You guys are really inspiring. I won’t listen to it can’t be done…… 🙂

  2. Janice says:

    Always inspiring and beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!

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