If you hadn’t noticed, Justin has an addiction… to plants, that is.

Like his great grandfather, grandfather and father, it’s in the genes and he just loves growing things. Now, with the Front Porch Farm Stand, he’s started a little nursery to help others “grow their own groceries.”

Some family history

In their top years (1920 -1960) tree-nursery De Coninck-Dervaes was very famous through the whole world. Already in that time they made export to the whole Europe, USA, Japan,… They where nearly exclusive supplier for the gardens of the Belgian and lot of European royal families. The Belgian Kings were many times unofficial in Maldegem to choose trees and other flower plants as roses for their gardens. In the 1950’s and 1960’s film stars, singers, international jet set,… were the guests of De Coninck-Dervaes. They took over tree-nurseries in whole Europe. Even not the sky was the limit. In the 1960’s they named a new rose type ‘Caravelle’. Therefore they rented a Caravelle airplane and during a flight over Belgium high in the sky our current Queen Paola (than Princess) baptized the new rose. A non seen marketing event for Belgian at that time… [Please note that this is a translation into English from Flemish by a Flemish friend]

You see why he really can’t help it!

Anyhow, you local city farmers might like to know that Justin is selling heirloom tomatoes and soil block seedlings, along with other helpful garden supplies. He always lends a helpful tip and his expertise to customers with  a charming smile.

Folks are always telling me how healthy Justin’s plants are compared to those they’ve gotten at local nurseries.   One customer comes every few days to see what new soil blocks seedlings he’s put out on the shelves.   The soil block seedlings Justin is selling costs 20 cents a piece – a steal, if you ask me!

Front Porch Farm Stand & Nursery

Sunday to Friday 10 Am – 8 PM

Or buy Justin’s selection of  heirloom seeds online


  1. Kim says:

    Your home is so inspiring to me! I have to get down to Pasadena, I want some of those seedlings!

  2. Jeni Vandall says:

    That is awesome! Good job Justin! Where in the world do you guys have space to grow all those seedlings?!

    I was curious on your soil blocks (which are a steal by the way) do you start your tomato seeds in them and then transfer them to the plastic containers? Or do you just start them in the container?

    Glad to see others share the same addiction! My husband laughs at me because I will just sit in our makeshift greenhouse in our spare bedroom and just look at the plants for hours…there is such a joy to watch things grow!

  3. Ginger says:

    My husband says I have farmer in my blood. Until my parent’s generation, most of my grandparents were farmers or at least had a big garden. One great grandmother owned a general store, but had chickens, a garden, and fruit trees behind the store. They lived in an apartment over the store.

    Gotta love digging in the dirt.

    I’ll be in San Diego this weekend. Maybe I can talk hubby into driving up, so I can buy some tomatoes from Justin–one city farmer to another. Hmmmm…but I won’t buy them for 20 cents. The water alone cost more than that. Justin did you know the Garden Girl does that and sells hers for a couple dollars apiece. Think property taxes!

  4. Tina says:

    I would love to buy some and pay shipping, I know packing them might be tricky and time consuming though. I would totally pay a few dollars each for them. 🙂

  5. Ginger D. says:

    I would love to shop on your front porch on Mother’s day, I will have to let my husband know, hopefully our day is still open, he may of already made plans.
    Hope to see you Sunday.
    Ginger D.

    • Anais Dervaes says:

      Looking forward to seeing you again!!!!! 🙂

  6. Jackson says:

    I used to follow their site quite exltnsiveey before they became soooo commercial They still have lots of good info, it’s just harder to dig through all the other stuff first. My favorite quote from their site Using our hands as weapons of mass creation!

  7. Talithia says:

    Would love to know what happened to the fish..
    Wow I wish I lived in California

  8. Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp says:

    I sure wish you guys were local! I would buy all my seedlings from you! Unfortunately I am in Canada. Not only do we have a shorter growing season, but it makes it hard to grow a lot of the things you grow down in California. I have to get pretty creative! I only found you guys today. I am so excited to have found you! You are living my dream!! At 37 I am recovering from cancer and I am all about reducing my footprint these days. I wish I would have started years ago!! Better late than never!

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