“The Freedom Garden Harvest challenge was started to get more people growing food and also adding up what they grow and harvest, instead of going to the store. Many are surprised by the amount of food that they can actually grow in a small space.”

From our 1/10 acre plot, our November harvest weighs in at

Produce (fruits, veggies, herbs) 471 lbs

Eggs Chickens 45     Ducks 20

Pretty good, considering.   Thankfully we some of the summer veggies held on a little longer giving us a bump in the poundage!

For the year, the combined tally of 4,703 lbs produce  917 chicken eggs  816 duck eggs and we still have December to go!  Also not bad consider what a bummer year it was having to deal with weird weather issues which brought on bug issue.

The Freedom Harvest Challenge is winding down, though our collective growing efforts failed to reach the goal we feel this challenge really encouraged folks to food closer to home.

What’s your harvest tally?  Care to weigh in?


  1. Paul Gardener says:

    Hi Dervaes’!! This is Paul out in SLC Utah.
    I keep meaning to get onto the Freedom Gardeners site to update with my harvest tally for the year but alas, I continue to forget.
    It was a great year for us this year despite some similar issues with cold early on, and some serious Squash bug dillemas. Still, we were able to bring in a total of 810 lbs of produce from our .25 acre suburban-farm. Of course there were lots of eggs from the girls too, but I lost count early in the year at around 700+.
    Thank you so much for your continued inspiration. Next year we grow for 1000!!

  2. viggie says:

    My goodness that really adds up! I can’t wait for spring to see how I do at my first attempt at growing a yard full of veggies 🙂

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