Boy howdeeeee!!! Do we have a jam packed month of events fer y’all

Git your calendars out and mark these here dates. Better yet, make sure to pre-register or rsvp.

Every Sunday the Farm-to-Table Harvest Hootenanny
Thurs, Nov 7 Christina Roldan in Concert (after six years!)
Sat, Nov 9 Lorin Hart Trust & Jim Barile in Concert
Tues, Nov 12 Backyard Poultry for Beginners
Thurs, Nov 14 Charlie Parr in Concert
Tues, Nov 19 Canning 101
Thurs, Nov 21 Film & Food Night (Documentary TBD)
Thurs, Nov 28 Farm-to-Table Thanksgiving (last year’s sold out, so don’t dawdle)
Fri, Nov 29 Front Porch Farmstand SALE
Sat, Nov 30 Frank Fairfield & Zac Sokolow are BACK in Concert
Sun, Dec 1 Flatfooting Dance Workshop with Rebecca Stout

For full details, times, etc. go to

Spaces are limited, don’t dawdle!


  1. Hans says:

    I had seen the video a few months ago, but was not aware of the website! You guys really know how to put people to shame, I ll give you that! Great work, you guys have inspired millions and millions more will duplicate! N yes, would like to add your link to my site, should be up in a week or two! Thanks!

  2. Beth Shaw says:

    This is being said out of love. I am really happy to see how you are so involved with the social side of things. But I miss the everyday happenings at you house. you all are such an inspiration.

    • Anais Dervaes says:

      Me too! That makes two of us 🙂

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