Wow, there’s been a jump on the hits to this journal. A hearty welcome to all you 100 FOOT DIET participants (continue to sign up, post about your meals and thoughts here) and new readers. We are blessed that we are able to share and inspire fellow travelers who are striving to live a more sustainable and fulfilling life.

Some fellow travelers have graciously acknowledged PTF’s efforts this week:

Carla’s nominated PTF’s journal…

fellow sojourners and friends, through something as simple as a link. So it’s my turn to spread a little blog love. I’m paying it forward…The Mathetes Award (mathetes- Greek for disciple) is given to those who act as disciples… furthering the Kingdom as commissioned by YHWH. Carrying forth the hope… the message… to the ends of the earth. And each one of these fine folks has a creative way… a touch… the fingerprint of the Creator…which beckons me to listen… and act.

Path to Freedom It is a family who saw the problems and didn’t simply talk about them. They purposed to change them and show it could be done in even the most unlikely of settings. Their example by sharing with others and discipling them, (and increasing goals!) continue to spur me on. Go join their 100 FOOT DIET CHALLENGE and start planning that edible estate!

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And Lavonne (who’s also a 100 FOOT DIET participant)….

I just nominated Path to Freedom for the Bloggies’ Best Topical Blog award [since there wasn’t an environmental or gardening topic available]. I hope other readers will go do the same because the Bloggies are a great way to spread the word to people who might not find PTF otherwise.

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Thank you both for your encouraging comments, positive support and acknowledgement. We appreciate your ongoing efforts to make the world a better place — one step at a time. Keep up the good work, see you along the path, PTF