While perusing the internet, reading about others bees that are swarming in the area, I wondered why ours were happily content, going about their “beesness.”  What was up, I wondered….

So, I approached our 30 year resident beekeeper (while he was working in the garden) and asked, “So, tell me, while other people’s bees are swarming in the area, why ours haven’t”

It went something like this….

He replied, “It’s all about timing and knowing when to expand the brood, anticipating the spring honey flow and when the bees need to expand their colony.”   “Sweet!” I replied, and went on to say, “So, you are telling me that you were right on the mark, deciding to go and expand the hive last month and, by doing this, it basically suppressed their urge to swarm.”   “That’s right,” he exclaimed and then went on to say,  “Beekeeping is not like keeping a dog or chicken – bees are insects and constantly increasing in size so you need to know that aspect of hive life before you start down the beekeeping path.”

Well, I got my answer!  Now just a matter of time before we raid the hive… of course,  will share photos of the experience when the time comes.


  1. Janice says:

    Hi Anais,
    Just wanted to thank you for referring D.S. for the bees. We think the extraction of the hive was successful, but we’ll see if the bees like their new home in the Langstroth. (I hope they do, for D.S.’s sake!) I have some pics posted of the process, I helped out! I’m a “new-bee” at this too, but it was a lot of fun and D.S. was very kind to allow me to participate. I’ve ordered a beginners book on bee-keeping, and plan to read up on it, and scour the internet for more info. Hopefully by next year’s swarming season, I might be a little more ready to handle a new swarm of bees if they happen by once again. Thanks again, and many blessings!

  2. Shirley says:

    Thanks for the info. It’s nice to have a resident wise man isn’t it!

  3. Jordan says:

    I see from the photo that you’re using plastic frames. I’ve had terrible luck with these, see this post for an example:

    I notice in your photo that they’re not building to the edges. I’ll bet you they would if you were using wooden / wax frames.

    Also some info in this one:

  4. Renee says:

    Very interesting! I am just now exploring backyard beekeeping and can see it takes years to perfect anticipating the colony’s needs.

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