Nine Podcasts Down & More to Go!

The Urban Homestead team’s got 9 whole podcast episodes already loaded in the back end and 5 of them are set to be released on June 13th.

With these podcast we hope share our ups and downs, tips and tricks, and stories from our homestead, and even some live entertainment from many people we’ve met over the years.

We’ll be making sure the feed can be accessed through all major directories including iTunes, SoundCloud, and more and will have a widget on our website podcast page.

Want to be a guest on the Urban Homestead Radio show?  The Urban Homestead does interview a variety of individuals who are involved in the homesteading/sustainability industry, those interesting in making a positive change for our environment, as well as musicians and celebrities of various of genres.  Reach out our Business Development & Marketing coordinator, Martha, for us to consider having you on the show.  Please note: we do our best to schedule all inquiries to the best of our ability once they’re screened to make sure that they ‘fit’ with the homestead message and audience.

Last but not least, make sure to become a Podcast Patron!

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