Film crew & subjects

It was a packed auditorium as three films debuted at the Norris Theatre on the USC campus last night. The first film took a look at a group of young Latinos in the JROTC program at San Pedro High School, the second was ‘Ready or Not’ (which our family was a part of) that touched on the issues of bird flu pandemic, global warming and peak oil. Finally the third, and most touching film, was about a Korean’s family emotional scars and the effect the LA riots had on their family and business.

Unfortunately, there were so many people we weren’t able to meet all the folks who attended and came out to support PTF. If we weren’t able to see you and thank you in person, we want to thank you all for coming out. It was good to see new faces and spend time with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.

Also, thanks again for the film crew’s hard work and long hours. They said it was tough to put together this film because they were dealing with three hard hitting issues and to condense the content into a 30 minute segment was a challenge.   Out of the 15 or so hours they spent on the homestead, the footage was condensed to less than 10 minutes.   They agreed it could have been more in depth, but with the limited time frame, they barely touched the tip of the iceberg on the serious forecast of the future that may lie in store for us or future generations.

It was great to see everyone again.
Now, it’s back to reality – to work and life here on the urban homestead.
Ready or Not’ site {coming soon}