It rained on and off all day yesterday and there’s still a chance today and over the weekend. This latest storm will definitely give the plants a much needed boost.

Speaking of boost, last month we harvested over 90lbs of salad!

In mid-May Maria (try saying that 3 times fast!) Alovert will be coming to PTF to give a biodiesel workshop. We are pleased to be able to host this amazing biodiesel advocate from Berkley.  

Biodiesel is becoming more and more “popular,”  as an alternative fuel source, but it is worth reminding everyone that biodiesel is not THE answer to the oil dilemma. Much more has to be done and accomplished.

Another PTF event that we are excited about besides the ( Cob Oven Workshop) is The Future of Food film screening at the end of June.   Jordanne wrote a letter to Lily Films who produced the film and invited the director, Deborah Koons Garcia (widow of the late Jerry Garcia) to attend the screening and she graciously accepted. We are planning on serving organic foods, primarily grown in our garden. 

Hey kids! PTF offers FREE SEEDS   In the mail yesterday we received a gift — a book (Better Off – Flipping the Switch on Technology) from a reader in Texas.   Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Wildside says:

    Love your encouraging kids to garden! Way to go, PTF!

  2. stella says:

    i used to live in la back in the mid-90’s. i don’t really miss it (much) but when i read about all the fantastic things you offer the public, i am totally envious of those who live close by and can attend!

    i really wish there was a path to freedom in my neighborhood.