Poor man’s floating home turns Rio recycling model

A floating house built out of trash in a reeking channel of a Rio de Janiero slum will be preserved as a model for recycling in a government anti-pollution campaign.
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Commuting in Cuba Means Hitching a Ride

Laura Garcia doesn’t have a car, and the change in her pocket won’t cover the 15-cent bus fare. But standing by a crumbling overpass, sweating in her shorts, sunglasses and skimpy top, the 18-year-old says a free ride is only an outstretched thumb away. “People will take you. You can always find drivers to help,” said Garcia, who studies law in Havana and was going to see her parents in Pinar del Rio, a 90-minute ride west.Hitchhiking is a way of life in communist Cuba, where cars are scarce, a gallon of gas costs a third of a civil servant’s monthly salary, and public transportation is unreliable and overcrowded. Lately things have worsened, with even acting President Raul Castro admitting in December that public transport was “practically on the point of collapse.”
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UK’s Prince Charles Calls for Ban on McDonald’s

Calling the “Big Mac” a major threat to world health, the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles declared “If I ruled the world McDonald’s and their fast food ilk would be banned.” “People should have their servants prepare fresh and wholesome organic meals for them,” the Prince suggested. “Camilla and I consult with the palace chef weekly to ensure that our diet is not degraded by inferior foods. I don’t see why others cannot make a similar effort. If fast food restaurants didn’t exist, maybe they would.” Charles admitted that he has been unable to convince his son, Prince Harry, to refrain from occasionally eating at fast food outlets. “That’s why we need to outlaw these establishments,” Charles explained. “I wouldn’t have to argue with him if he had no opportunity to buy such rot.”
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Danish Island Is Energy Self-Sufficient

Samso is an area about 40 square miles long with a permanent population of about 4,000 — all of them living a green dream.Take farmer Erik Andersen. His tractor runs on oil from rape seed, which he grows. His hot water and power come from his solar panels or wind turbines. There’s not a fossil fuel in site.”It’s a very good feeling because the island is a renewable energy island,” Anderson says.Ten years ago, Andersen and the people of Samso accepted a challenge from Denmark’s government: Could they run their farms; could they power their businesses; could they lead their lives in an entirely energy self-sufficient and carbon-neutral way?Now they have the answer. They can.
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Bee Colony Collapse Disorder – Where is it Heading?

Colony Collapse Disorder phenomenon that is causing a lot of furrowed brows in the U.S., as this may well become the biggest issue of 2007.Things are getting dire on the U.S. agricultural front, and there are similar reports beginning to filter through from countries in Europe.
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Like canaries in a cold mine, these insects are sending us an SOS – are we listening?
How Does Pollution Affect Cyclists?

…You breathe much heavier when cycling, so you inhale more polluted air than normal. One partial solution is to avoid congested roads, which should reduce the amount of fumes you are exposed to. However, in a busy city like London this isn’t always possible. Another possibility is to wear a pollution mask, but the protection they provide varies.
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Power In Numbers – Discount Prices For Buying Solar Power In Bulk

Problem: Solar panels are expensive.Fact: Solar panels cost less when you buy a lot of them at once.Solution: Team up with all your friends and neighbors and buy a bunch of solar panels together to get lower costs.This may be the simplest idea that no one is thinking about. Community solar. Not to worry someone is on top of this. The good people of Portola Valley have started to band together to purchase solar in large numbers in order to get a discount. Their success is inspiring other communities to follow their lead.
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Queen takes a leaf out of Charles’ book and goes organic

Prince Charles has been a keen gardener for 25 years and his garden at Highrove House is considered a flagship for the organic movement. Now it seems his green-fingered influence has extended to Buckingham Palace itself where the Queen is on the lookout for an organic gardener.
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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    Regarding the “bee colony collapse disorder” – it is so interesting that this is affecting the bees that were brought from Europe and not our native bees! Perhaps some natural culling process? I wish something like that would happen to some of the other imports that are creating havoc in our ecosystems. Here in Arizona, we see tamarisks (imports) which disrupt the delicate and disappearing riparian habitats.

    Go native bees!


  2. Nick says:

    That article on Prince Charles wanting to ban fast food is a gag. Not even the royal family thinks everyone has servants. And the site it’s from, free republic, is a right-wing nutjob site that you may not want to link to.

    I live in Pasadena too, with a property about the size of yours, but all I grow is tomatoes. I’m planning on going to the workshop on Apr 5, so I’ll see you there.

    Nick N