PTF On Discovery Health April 5th

Our family doesn’t have cable so we won’t be able to see the show, but for those of you who do, PTF’s urban homestead will be featured on theDiscovery Channel’s “Get Fresh With Sara Snow.” The episode will air on April 5th at 8pm and again at 11pm.
In addition to that, we’ll keep our reader’s posted about a possible episode (and 3 “DIY” clips) on Hallmark’s ‘New Morning‘ show. Oh, yes, and there’s a possible Current TV piece, too, but as with all such media stories, it’s not certain until it airs.

Baby Chicks Delayed

On Friday, when Jordanne went to place her order she was told that because of the extremely warm temperatures (there’s that unseasonably warm weather again!) that have affected the hens and their laying, the arrival of the baby chicks has been postponed until April 9th.   We will keep our local readers who ordered chicks posted when they can expect to pick up their orders.

Bone Dry

In the LA Times yesterday, Justin read that LA is 10 inches behind in normal rainfall levels this winter. With only three months left in the “rainfall window,” chances are getting slimmer and slimmer of our making it to normal rainfall levels.   Unfortunately, for most folks this news won’t mean anything or affect their lives much, but to us this news is devastating.   We count on decent rainfall in the winter to help the garden grow during the hot summer months. No amount of watering from a hose can replace a deep soaking from the sky.  

This news is the reason why we are going to be installing gutters and cisterns to capture and store rainwater. (We haven’t got to this project yet because of all the spring plantings.) We are working on importing some innovative rainwater cisterns from Australia that would be ideal to fit on urban lots like ours where space is limited. Stay tuned for developing news.

We also plan to install a greywater system and anticipate that ourBrac Greywater System from Canada will be delivered this week. Instead of using the reclaimed water to flush the toilets, the water thesystem filters will be used to to irrigate the edible landscaping. Fortunately for us, the Pasadena municipal code allows the use of greywater if the water is subsurface. So with that in mind we are working on subsurface greywater irrigation plans. Also, Jules and Justin are working on plans build an outhouse complete with a composting toilet. Here in the arid west it’s all about water.

From the PTF Mailbox

Dear Dervaes family
Please accept my tax deductible donation
.. I’ve also visited your website many times, hence the donation. I like and support that you don’t accept advertising and you don’t proselytize.
… In closing, I wish you success in your ongoing quest on the Path to Freedom. I can fully appreciate the level of commitment, dedication and hard work it takes to maintain a lifestyle that most Americans would probably think borders on asceticism. However, in their rush to keep up with the Joneses, whose lives are more fulfilling?
– Craig

To Craig and all those kindred spirits who have donated or purchased from our online store, we are most appreciative of your kindness, generosity and support. Many blessings to you all.

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  1. nada says:

    I’m glad Australia is exporting something other than coal + uranium! The rainwater tanks are very popular here in Australia, and have experienced a resurgence in urban areas. No doubt due to all capital cities except one having restrictions on water use due to falling dam levels.

    Good luck with the rain harvest and thanks for your inspiring work!

  2. steven says:

    its great that PTF is getting publicity through cable shows! I hope you get paid for some of these.