Still working on tying up the lose ends on the new online store and since yesterday we’ve added a few more products like…

Wire Vegetable Harvest Basket (new this year on the urban homestead), Encyclopedia of Country Living Book (our all time favorite!) and much more. Check out all the latest new products

We are pretty darn excited about our “bonafide” online storefront. Thanks for all your positive feedback and orders!

Coinciding with Peddler’s Wagon re launch and upgrades a recent comment from a reader last week caught our eye.

Sustainable Spending

A reader comments:

Apparently we are going to get a tax rebate to stimulate the economy. why not urge your readers to use this money to become more self sufficient? ie. buy planters, soil, seeds, etc.? the immediate effect ( increased spending) would stimulate the economy while the long term effect would hopefully accomplish some of the goals of PTF.

Thanks for the suggestion, Gary. He’s on the right path, with the help of upcoming tax rebates, let’s make 2008 the year of change in our personal life. Take charge of the future by seizing the present and start living a low impact, more sustainable life – now.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: LE $10 & DF $50, PT $50 donation. Thank you for your generous support.

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